which speakers is better (used equipments)

  Jan Kowalski 12:19 11 Apr 2017

Hello, I am thinking about buying laptop speakers. I would like them to have the best possible parameters and to be quite loud. So far, however, I am looking around for used equipment. I found two auctions over which I most wonder. Trust Speaker Set SP-6800 which has 5 speakers but one of them does not work and Creative 2.1 Inspire P380. I heard a lot of positive comments about Creative Inspire P380(30W) and i know thet is the one of the ebst choice in this price. But Trust Speaker Set SP-6800 have 5 speakers and 95W but I think this is not the same quality what do You think about this? This speakers i can have in the same price(this is used equipment). Maybe someone can help me in choice. Have a nice day guys :)

  Forum Editor 12:28 11 Apr 2017

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