Which Softwear for photos and film.

  alltime 13:24 27 Apr 2006

Which is the best softwear package fo photos and downloading film from a mini dv camcorder. i have tried Roxio but the computer locks up, and seems to take over everything. I have the basic version of Sonic on my laptop but the upgrade charges are extortionate. So im looking for something easy and simple that works well. Could i have some advise please.

  huzzar 13:36 27 Apr 2006

I use Windows Movie Maker - free and easy to use.

  Hoodibaba 15:16 27 Apr 2006

I use Cyberlink's Power Director both for importing and editing the video from a camcoder...It's very simple and easy to use..I also use Roxio but it is much more memory consuming than PD and hence slows down the system...Why don't get the latest version of PD fm eBay for less than a tenner...
Why don't you have a look...

[click here]

  alltime 17:05 27 Apr 2006

Thanks guys ill have a look at those. Somebody suggested Nero, What do you know about this programme?

  961 19:08 27 Apr 2006

Some of these programmes are now virtually as big as previous operating systems and slow down the computer as well as creating other problems

For video, I suggest you try Windows movie maker as a (free) start and consider later if you actually need more

For photos, consider the basic programme that comes with the camera or try a free download of an older programme. Try Photosuite 4 (free) and see if you need more

Alternatively programmes like Irfanview (also free) do the business without consuming huge resources.

I have Nero. It's good, but like Roxio, the latest is just TOO big. Earlier versions are just fine as well as being cheaper or free

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