which software to recover data???????

  tony1160 13:47 02 May 2004

can anyone give a name of some Very good program ,which will recover -winrar-mp3-mpeg-nero image files-
as yesterday my maxtor harddrive seems to of wiped its self whilst i was fixing a friends h/d using my gigaraid option on my mobo ga7n400 pro.
the drive has not even been formatted ,yet it has no files etc inside the drive.
any pointers would be welcome

  Diodorus Siculus 14:56 02 May 2004

Restoration may help click here

  tony1160 14:57 02 May 2004

any ideas how to get help from this site rather than always give help

  tony1160 14:58 02 May 2004

Diodorus Siculus- big thanks to you was getting fed up mate, ill try it now as just d/l from your link

  Diodorus Siculus 15:01 02 May 2004

I can see that you get a little peed off waiting for something like this - the program I have suggested is very good and will run from a floppy, second partition etc - no need to install.

  tony1160 16:08 02 May 2004

respect to ya, its on 90% so should know if ma files are there soon

  techpro 23:06 02 May 2004

There are a lot of links to data recovery services and software at click here . I've heard good things about Ontrack's stuff.

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