Which Should Run - AdAware or AVG?

  jimforrest 16:17 26 Oct 2013

After reloading everything following a crash I put AVG and AdAware on my comp. Somehow, some advertising program has managed to get in and is adding a vertical strip to the left of webpages with advertising on it. It only has a small box in the top left with a capital T in it, a heading of Related Searches, and then a list of links for various anti-malware etc. I can't find it using Ccleaner so I assume it has attached itself to Google Chrome.

AVG is supposed to stop this happening (isn't it?) So I ran AdAware for a clean-up but noticed that all of the 'additions' (webpage monitoring etc) are switched off. If I turn them on it tells me remove AVG as they will clash.

That's fair enough - but which is best?

  johnnyrocker 16:25 26 Oct 2013

try looking for an app or widget both now cause trouble advertising wise


  jimforrest 17:01 26 Oct 2013

I found it JR - a prog called Linkswift. Now removed.

Whilst looking for progs to try to recover my old HDD I think I visited a few dubious websites and it got in that way. But AVG should have stopped it. Perhaps I should disable AVG and give AdAware a go instead?

  bumpkin 17:10 26 Oct 2013

This is just my personal opinion, I would uninstall both of them and download and use Avast.

  spuds 17:17 26 Oct 2013

Depending on which of the four versions of Lavasoft AdAware your are using, then you will not need AVG (or vice-versa). Using two anti-virus programmes on the same computer might cause compatibility problems.

If you want to limit or get rid of advertising, then there are a number of free downloads available, that will do this. I find 'Adblock Plus' and 'Do Not Track' two good programmes. Trying checking click here

  jimforrest 17:29 26 Oct 2013

Thanks guys - I'll do a bit of reading on your suggestions.

  lotvic 17:31 26 Oct 2013

If it looks like this click here it also comes via Webcake, Conduit, Yontoo etc. you have installed it along with a free program you have downloaded. I believe cnet download.com have started to bundle these sort of extras with their installer. I now use filehippo for my downloads as that seems to be okay.

AdwCleaner will find and remove PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) it is free and can be downloaded from trusted site click here

  bumpkin 17:56 26 Oct 2013

I use Adblock Plus as suggested by spuds and find it very good.

  rdave13 19:04 26 Oct 2013

I agree with Lotvic about CNet. Shame really as it use to be a good site. Softonic is another safe site for downloads.

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