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Which SATNAV should I get for USA?

  Simsy 20:49 03 Jul 2017


I need a new SATNAV device, my current one is nearly 8 years old and just doesn't behave. Even if it did, getting new maps for it would not make financial sense...

I'm shortly to go on a long trip to USA, so want one I can take there, with USA maps...

Now I have thought about getting a unit without USA maps, and then buying and adding them, but as they cost £35 and upwards it seems, I reckon I'm better of buying one with "world maps" included.

But which one? the only ones I have so far found have been on eBuyer, and the reviews have not been good for the USA mapping...

So I'm after so actual experiences and recommendations. We've had both Garmin and TomTom in the past, and my wife has a very slight preference for TOMTOM, but only very slight...

Budget is not very well defined, but certainly under £200... hopefully under £150.

Many thanks in advance for any pointers.



  wee eddie 21:11 03 Jul 2017

Get one over there and give it away just before you leave

  bumpkin 11:35 04 Jul 2017

*Get one over there *

That was my first thought, probably cheaper too.

  Simsy 11:46 04 Jul 2017

Thanks, but I need one for here too... USA ones probably only have USA maps as they haven't heard of anywhere else!



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