Which Sata HD and OS to buy?

  lodger 10:43 08 Mar 2010

Bought a desktop minus HD or OS, seems a decent spec for my needs, it has dual core and 1gb ram, and cables for a Sata HD, ======= does anyone know if it's safe to buy a cheap unbranded HD fron the dreaded pc world? I will use it only for basic stuff like internet and music , so XP would seem suitable as an OS, but where to buy?

  MAJ 12:39 08 Mar 2010

Personally, I wouldn't buy an unbranded hard drive from anyone.

Taking your projected use into consideration, if you're going for XP, to save yourself any bother with SATA drivers, I would go for an IDE drive.

XP: click here
IDE Hard drive: click here

If you still fancy a SATA drive with lots of storage for your music, then it would probably be better to opt for Windows 7.

Windows 7: click here
Enter this code in the checkout cart: D89DQ6793 to get a 10% discount when buyiny Win 7 along with the hard drive.
Hard Drive: click here

  MAJ 12:52 08 Mar 2010

P.S. If you're going to go down the Win 7 route, I would also add more memory. click here

  lodger 13:50 08 Mar 2010

it seems set up for sata, can you tell me is there any particular reason that a sata drive would give problems onxp?

  GaT7 13:55 08 Mar 2010

The only problem I can think of with XP & SATA drives is if you have an older version of XP (pre SP2). Then you'll most likely need to install SATA drives via floppy at the beginning of the OS install by pressing the F6 button when prompted.

But you should have no problem as the version you're getting has SP2 & SP3 integrated. G

  lodger 18:29 08 Mar 2010

that was very helpful

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