Which sata cables for HDD - ?

  fpg 16:42 02 Jan 2006

I need to fit an extra SATA HDD and have a PCI card fitted with a 7 pin socket - also have a spare 7 pin SATA cable to fit. BUT in looking for a SATA HDD the connectors mentioned in the specs seem to be 22 pin.
Are there 2 types of SATA Hard Disks requiring different cables?

  DieSse 16:56 02 Jan 2006

Data cables are 7 pin - power cables are 22 pin

  Fingees 17:00 02 Jan 2006

Sata ATA drives are 7 pin Go to
click here

for details and selection.

  DieSse 17:02 02 Jan 2006

Sorry power cables are 15 pin - the 22 pin appears to be a combined power and data cable. See here for views click here - near the bottom of the page

  fpg 17:26 02 Jan 2006

Thanks for help - so SATA has a 7 pin for DATA - OK I have that covered then. But I need a SATA HDD which will take the 'old' 4 pin power plug. Do SATA HDDs have both power sockets now - even one with a 22pin spec?
I am thinking of getting a 300gb Maxtor SATA -150

  DieSse 17:34 02 Jan 2006

The only old 4 pin power plug is the original white molex type I beleive - for IDE drives. SATA drives always use 15pin connectors. In which case you will need a power adapter - see almost anywhere - including where you are looking at for your drives.

  fpg 17:59 02 Jan 2006

Thanks Diesee - I have just checked my existing SATA HDD which has 7 pin data, 4 pin molex power socket and another 15 pin socket which puzzled me at the time I fitted it 'cos it seemed to be surplus. It appears that only my first generation of SATA HDDs had the belt and braces of 2 power sockets. So I now need a convertor of 4 pin to 15 pin to make a current SATA drive work. (My mobo is December 2003 and is already falling behind in socket designs.)

All help appreciated.

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