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  StellaArtois63 21:27 19 Sep 2010

Hi Folks, I seem to be having trouble with my router it crashes a lot and seem to slow my PC down. I have a lot of problems opening programs and when I do try the router is going beserk lights flashing and going amber. I run a XP pc and it uses a Netgear WGR614 router which is nearly 4 years old. I am not sure but when the guy set up the router I do not belive he used the CD to install it (I may be wrong)So it has never had any updates. Can a router slow the pc down ?
Could anyone give me advice to either sort this router out or can someone advise me which router to buy. It has to be hardwired to the pc and one xbox 360 and is also used via wireless on another xbox 360.
It also needs to be extremely easy to set up as I am worried I will muck it up and wont be able to use the xbox again or the internet come to think of it.

  Bike-it 11:28 20 Sep 2010

I am also looking for a new router and after a lot of searching i have narrowed the search down to these two the Billion 7800N and the Linksys WAG320N. but its looking like i will purchase the Billion 7800N whenever broadbandbuyer get it back into stock.
I have always bought Netgear routers but this time i will try a different brand to see if it is any better in terms of performance.

  mgmcc 22:51 20 Sep 2010

As you're using a Netgear WGR614, you must have Cable broadband. A "Cable/DSL" router is much easier to set up than an ADSL Modem/Router and in most cases it will work out of the box with the default settings, although its "wireless" settings may need to be configured. You don't need to use a CD to set it up. To establish if it's the router that is causing you problems, just unplug the ethernet cable and see if the PC is still running slowly. If it does turn out to be a problem with the router, try performing a "hard reset" back to factory default settings and see if that sorts it.

If it was supplied by Virgin Media, it might not be possible to update the router's firmware. I have a WGR614 originally supplied by Telewest and its firmware cannot be upgraded.

  StellaArtois63 14:33 23 Sep 2010

Thanks for your replies. After chatting a bit to the Teccy's at work we came to to conclusion that the computor is getting like its owner, and thats Old and slow. It surprised me to find out the PC is 7 years old and as most of you guys know, that is an antique in the PC world. So basically a nice new fast one has now been ordered. I just wish it was that easy to speed me up. Thanks again

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