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  axelbrora 15:46 28 Oct 2006

I am thinking of buying a new router as my Origo is about 4 years old and is now playing up with regular disconnections and a faulty power inlet.

I do not need wireless and there is only one computer to connect to the Internet.

Any suggestions for a good value router and any routers or manufacturers to avoid?

Thanks in advance.


  rodriguez 15:59 28 Oct 2006

Belkin, Linksys, D-Link, 3Com and Netgear are the main good ones. Also if you only have one computer connected to the Internet and you're not going to network it with another machine, you should get a modem and not a router. However if in the future you're going to get another machine or make a network, then you'll need a router.

Modem = simple box that connects 1 computer to the Internet

Router = Connects more than one computer to the Internet and allows computers to be networked together

  Dipso 16:14 28 Oct 2006

I would never go back to a modem after using a router, even if I only had one PC, just my opinion though.

The new Speedtouches are getting good reviews, maybe worth checking out?

  rodriguez 16:16 28 Oct 2006

Actually I forgot one thing - routers have a built in firewall and modems don't. So if you want better security, it's best to get a router.

  axelbrora 16:46 28 Oct 2006


Definitely a router I want with a built im modem.

Any particular model for the speedtouch?


  Meshuga 19:25 28 Oct 2006

I have the netgearDG834 router/modem and it`s exdellent. Has builtin firewall too.

  Dipso 22:16 28 Oct 2006

I have the Netgear DG834G, the wireless version of Meshuga's. It is particularly good for long lines. I would recommend it but since upgrading to the new up to 8 Meg broadband I have been made aware of a slight flaw with the router. Basically the SNR or noise margin figure it reports can't be relied on. If you don't have this broadband product it's not particularly relevant but worth being aware of. Saying that they are very reasonable at the moment at around £41. If you have a fixed 1 or 2 Meg product then it's definitely worth considering, plus you get 2 years warranty.

The Speedtouch I was considering was the 585 but this is wireless so the 546 would be the wired alternative.

  Strawballs 22:22 28 Oct 2006
  dwaynedibbly 22:38 28 Oct 2006

I`ve just purchased a Belkin ADSL wireless router and high speed modem.
I read a few (good) guides on these forums, and gotta say that it was a doddle to set up, and very impressed with it.
I can see how a few people fall foul of the setup procedure, and end up in all sorts of mess.
Its all to easy to just rip open the box and plug it in without thinking it through first.
I think it pays to read forums such as these, and listen to those who have gone down the route previously.
Good luck.

  pj1664 22:51 28 Oct 2006

Netgear DG834 is the best or DG834G if you are planning on buying a laptop in the future.

  realist 23:03 28 Oct 2006

I have a Netgear DG834G (AOL kit) sealed in box for sale on Ebay ends Sunday night...

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