Which replacement pc spec- your guidance to decide

  newearwax 14:41 09 Apr 2004

I have narrowed choice down to 2 Pcs and would like comments, please. It's all very confusing so anything to clear the mind will be useful
CPU AMD Athlon XP 2400+
RAM 512 DDR PC2700 333MHZ
MB NVIDIA nforce 2 with dual chanDDR, usb2, firewire
HD 80GB 7200rpm UDMA100 2MB buffer
Graphics unified NVIDIA GeForce4
SOUND NVIDIA 6Channel audio- on board
SPKRS CREATIVE Soundblaster SB 250

CPU AMD Athlon XP 2800+
RAM 512 DDR PC2700 333MHZ
MB MSI 6712 KT400
HD 120GB 7200rpm 8MB buffer
Graphics 128MBDDR ATI raedon 9200, with DVI
SOUND SoundBlaster compatible 6 chan audio
SPKRS CREATIVE Inspire P580 5.1

System B Costs £150 more than A but B can be picked up when difference reduces to £110.
I am not a games person at the moment but have acquired a digital camera.
Putting in an additional CDRW in A =plus £25
Putting in an additional multi format DVD drive in A =plus £90
15" Analogue TFT in lieu of 17" perfect flat type CRt= plus £170
Upgrade system B CDRW to multiformat DVD drive
=plus £70

Surround sound is not a necessity and I have limited space. Sound needs to be reasonable as little deaf

With my requirements do you recommend
A) I buy machine A as it stands
B) I buy machine B as it stands
C) I buy machine A and upgrade to DVD multiwrite
D) I buy machine A and upgrade to the TFT
With regard t0 option D, I have heard varying views on the performance of analogue tfts. Any comments?

  AndySD 14:56 09 Apr 2004

What are you intending to use the pc for?

  byfordr 14:57 09 Apr 2004

First things first. Whats your maximum budget? What exactly are you going to do with the machine. Office work? Surfing the internet? Video editing? As you are not going to hammer it with the latest games you don't need the latest graphics card. Digital photos shouldn't require a highly spec'd computer.


  woodchip 15:07 09 Apr 2004

You do not need a extra CDRW drive You Do not need a TFT unless Desk Space is a Problem A CRT Monitor is better for Photo Editing and Graphics work if you get a Decent one. A second Hard Drive would be good for storage

  newearwax 17:37 09 Apr 2004

ANDYSD: As said I'm not in to gaming but with g/children that may change though I cant see meself on the speediest of them. So basically office, internet and photo editing with games brining up the rear.
BYFORDR: The higher spec m/chine plus a few extra £s if it will give me a wortwhile advantage.
WOODCHIP: I presume from what you say that there is no real inconvenience in having just the combo drive butI would appreciate your additional comments. Am I correct that multiwrite drives will also read and write Cds. I'm interested in your remark about second harddrive. can you expand on your thoughts, please? Is the second drive meant to be akin to a partition on a single drive? Thanks for all your help so far.

  newearwax 17:41 09 Apr 2004

Afterthought any views on component mix? Do you think that 2400+ speed is adequate for a goodly no of years or wouuld you go for a limited processor upgrade? I'm not one for changing extra frequently. My current is a 500 which I would think to some is quite old hat!

  AndySD 18:11 09 Apr 2004

I use a 2400 with an NForce 2 board and its fast enough for most games. I even used the onboard graphics for a while ( as the fan stopped on my graphics card) and they were fine (you can always update the graphics later for the sprogs).

If the price difference is major you would be fine with the first PC and use a bit of the money saved to get a decent monitor.

Yes you are correct that multiwrite drives will also read and write Cds.

Its bast to have a second drive rather than a partition..... if the main drive fails you dont lose your data.

  Indigo 1 18:15 09 Apr 2004

Anything over 1400Ghz will be fast enough for a good few years for general Office applications.

I personally would choose system A and add an extra hard drive for Backups etc. The video card wil easily cope with Photo editing etc and the standard games avaiable.

I would also add an extra DVD-ROM so that you can copy from one disk straight to another without having to copy to Hard Drive first and delete later.

Combi drives you mention can copy CD and DVD.

  woodchip 18:30 09 Apr 2004

If you need to copy the odd CD you just put the CD in the CDRW and click copy it then writes the CD to the Hard Drive when it's done that, it ask's for a Blank CD and then it writes the CD and deletes the copy on the Hard Drive, But you would be Better with what I have, Separate CDRW and DVD Drives.

  newearwax 19:02 09 Apr 2004

Thanks all!

ANDYSD: The supplied monitor is a Viewsonic E70f+SB. Have you heard or read anything adverse or particularly good?

  961 19:07 09 Apr 2004

Can I ask if you can wait until mid summer when ALL processors from AMD are due to change to a new 939 pin format.

This will mean that new motherboards will be introduced and the current ones will no longer accept new higher speed processors

The new motherboards will probably be standard for at least 18 months and probably longer

If you need to buy now I suggest the cheaper option so that the money saved will be available to buy a new mobo/processor in years to come

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