Which Reg Cleaner?

  astra46 21:32 22 Mar 2004

I have just downloaded TweakNow RegCleaner 1.2.8.

Which do you use? I have not used one before. What are the benefits of a reg cleaner?

  Eargasm 21:35 22 Mar 2004

I use regseeker it was recommended on here by vog so it must be good.

  LeadingMNMs 21:37 22 Mar 2004

I also use RegSeeker click here

  fuzzyone 21:44 22 Mar 2004


if you have not used a reg cleaner before, and don't know what the benefits are, you would maybe be better giving it a miss just now.

The problems caused by some of these programs, in inexperienced hands, can lead to more pitfalls, instead of speeding up your pc.

  VoG II 21:45 22 Mar 2004

RegscrubXP is also good (for XP) - Google it or click here

Thank you eargasm for your mis-placed faith.

astra46 - when you add and remove programs and generally get on with your computer life all sorts of junk accumulates in the registry. These programs weed out the junk. Do not get obsessed by it though - if your'puter is working OK there's nothing to fix.

  GaT7 22:13 22 Mar 2004

In the simplest terms the Registry is the 'brains' of your system & links everything in a logical manner so everything on your PC works together harmoniously. However, as you install/uninstall components/software, useless remnants can remain which can slow down your system &/or may make your PC & other installed software behave erratically. On occasion it's even possible for a Registry to become so corrupted that one's PC fails to boot (happened to me quite a few times - I fiddle about too much!).

A reg cleaner can be used to correct/delete these unnecessary entries & so keep your PC in 'good shape'. Use all reg cleaners with caution - sometimes their over-aggressive cleaning nature can delete useful entries. But on a positive note most of them come with a backup feature so if anything should go wrong you can restore the backup (i.e., if you haven't done too much damage already!)

As VoG & fuzzyone advise, go easy & be careful. There are potential pitfalls if you don't know what you're doing.

To learn more about the Registry - click here

  johnem 23:01 22 Mar 2004

Following VOG's recommendation, I now use Regseeker on XP. It seems to have helped to cure a few of the recent problems. As always, create a snap shot before tinkering in the registry, just in case.

  woodt 00:15 23 Mar 2004

FWIW I use Registry Medic and have had no problems, but as advised above its always a good idea to save the registry before you do any changes and also set a 'system restore' point before installing and running any new programs.

  The Spires 00:19 23 Mar 2004

You could try click here RegVac, not free but there is a trial that's not crippled. I bought it a couple of years ago & the author mails me whenever there is an update. RegVac finds things that RegSeeker & Reg Supreme don't. :-)

  kimjhon 06:20 23 Mar 2004

There is a URL ( which I've lost) where you can see the results of testing various registry cleaners. The test puts 300 entries into the reg which should be deleted, and 300 which should not be deleted but were meant to fool.

You can, if you are cleverer than me, d/l and use the test yourself on any reg cleaner. Does anyone know this addy?

This page showed only about 5 out of more than 50 that passed the test perfectly. Two were free.

I d/l Regseeker and it found over 900 entries which I deleted no probs. (I had prevously been using Reg Cleaner )

No probs in over a year. 98SE

  GaT7 13:03 23 Mar 2004

Haven't heard from astra46 ever since he/she posted the query. Everything OK astra46? Or have some of us managed to put you right off?!

I can vouch for The Spires' RegVac suggestion, but still be careful. A lot of these reg cleaners delete (or offer to delete) many harmless entries & do get it very wrong on occasion.

Thanks for that dcdc. Now that you've got me curious I'm going to look for the site! Will post back if I find anything. Haven't yet found one that works anywhere near perfect - probably too much to expect, isn't it?

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