Which ram stick and speed I should buy?

  Meyra3131 20:47 18 Sep 2017


I currently have 3x2GB = 6 GB of Corsair Ram. I have 3 more slots in my motherboard (MSI x58a-GD65 MS-7522), so im thinking to increase it to 8GB (an additional 2 GB stick). But I am not sure what my current RAM speed is, and I know that what I will buy has to synchronise with the existing ones. I am attaching a screenshot from my PC, please tell me the exact model, type and speed I would need to buy. PS PLEASE TELL ME IF THE IMAGE IS NOT VISIBLE.

  Meyra3131 20:49 18 Sep 2017

enter image description here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:07 18 Sep 2017

click here and run the crucial system scanner it will tell you exactly what memoy you need.

  Meyra3131 21:26 18 Sep 2017

@ Fruit Bat /\0/\ many thanks for this. It is showing me that Crucial 2GB DDR3-1600 UDIMM is what I would need. Assuming 1600 MHz is the memory speed. However, in the CPU Z programme it is showing my NB Frequency and DRAM Frequency as 2133 MHz and 535 MHz respectively. I don't get the difference between these numbers

  wee eddie 21:43 18 Sep 2017

If you have RAM sticks of several different speeds installed. All of them will work at the speed of the slowest.

So your first task will be to identify what RAM you have installed. It may make more sense to throw away the slowest, before you buy more

  Meyra3131 21:58 18 Sep 2017

@ wee eddie at the moment all my 3 installed RAMs work at the same speed. I wrote the details in my previous reply. I have 3 more empty slots but I am only looking to buy 1x2GB one to have a total of 8GB. But I dont know at what speed my installed RAMs are working at. Either 1066 or 1333 but I've no idea. So I would only buy an additional one of the same speed if I figure out the installed speeds.

  wee eddie 23:11 18 Sep 2017

The Crucial Scan should tell you the specification of each stick and what you can install.

If it is possible you install a stick that is identical to those already installed. As per Crucial's recommendation

  Meyra3131 00:05 19 Sep 2017

The crucial scan suggested a 2GB 1600 Mhz UDIMM but i bought a 1x4GB 2133 MHz at the given link below. click here someone tell me if i ll run it without any problem?


  Meyra3131 00:53 19 Sep 2017

Right guys I decided to open up my case and reach to my RAMs and I can see that they are rated to operate at 2000 Mhz.

  wee eddie 08:50 19 Sep 2017

Meyra ~ If you use Crucial's Scan to find out what RAM you have installed and then buy something completely different from a another Company. How can one help you?

  Meyra3131 11:12 19 Sep 2017

Nono, my point is, the crucial scan is showing that I will need to get 2GB of 1600 Mhz UDIMM. However my rams operate at 2000 Mhz, and in the specifications and in CPU Z software it says that they actually operate at 2133 MHz. If I get what crucial scan says, that is like downgrading the speed from 2133 Mhz and 1600 Mhz and that means all my rams will start working at 1600 MHz. That is why I am gone with a 1x4GB 2133 MHz ram, same specifications as the existing ones, it is just a different brand. The place told me they can refund it If I will have troubles. I am just clueless andd to be honest I dunno what to do.

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