Which RAM for PC?

  frostypug 21:01 05 Oct 2014

I want to buy some more RAM for my PC but not sure which to buy? Does it have to be a particular type? How can I tell which is right. Thankyou

  wee eddie 21:57 05 Oct 2014

Don't expect that you can uses the RAM Specification that Crucial give you to buy elsewhere.

While it is not incorrect and they guarantee any RAM that you buy from them will be compatible, buying elsewhere using that spec will frequently buy you incompatible Sticks. I have no idea why that is, but I don't blame them.

  frostypug 10:51 06 Oct 2014

Thankyou all I will do what you say Great you all take the time to help us

  Techpumpkin_WD 12:57 06 Oct 2014

When choosing RAM you need to consider 2 important factors. What is your motherboard and are you going to just add RAM or replace it? If you need to replace all your RAM you should look in your system's user manual to identify the types of RAM compatible with your system or check your motherboard specifications on the manufacturer's website.

You need to take note: - how much RAM the motherboard can support, and what is the maximum RAM per socket supported - what type of RAM (DDR3/DDR2, etc.) - what speeds for the RAM the motherboard can support ( 1600/1333/1080 MHz) - the type of socket do you have for the RAM

If you need to add more RAM to the existing one, the easiest solution is to check the exact model of the one that you are using currently and get the same one. It will save from any possible compatibility issues later on.

Hope that helps.

  tullie 16:48 06 Oct 2014

Just do a Crucial scan.

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