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Which RAM?

  Simsy 14:41 21 Aug 2010


I'm almost ready to buy what's needed for my new PC build.
I'm getting this mobo;
click here
and this CPU;
click here

I want to get 4Gig RAM and this is where I'm not 100% sure of what I'm doing, from a specification perspective...

I know I want/need 1333Hz for best matching with the above... I'm looking at 2 choices at the moment;

1 Stick of 4Gig;
click here

Or 2 sticks of 2 Gig;
click here

Given that the single stick is considerably cheaper than the set of two sticks, What is the issue? Is there a good reason why I should have the 2 sticks?

Also, what do I read into the spec regarding the memory that says the latency is C9(9-9-9-24) ? Is there something aboute the mobo/cpu combo that means I have some matching up to do regarding this?

Note that I am not a gamer, nor do I watch DVDs or video on the PC, (other than the occasional news clip), but I do a lot of photo and mess around with DTP stuff, which is why I've gone for a mobo with onboard graphics.

So, which RAM do I go for?

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 09:54 22 Aug 2010

I'd decided which RAM to get, based on research from a number of places, (including a rival magazine's recent review!), and which was actually Crucial memory...

However, it wasn't one of the ones listed on the Crucial site...

So I used the LamdaTek tool because it indicates compatibility, (or otherwise), with the other components... I'm working on the priciple that if there is a problem with compatibility they'll take it back, as I got the advise from them! If I got the memory from elswhere and there proves to be a problem with it then returning it might not be so straightforward!

I'm actually going to collect the LamdaTek parts from them sometime this week, as it's easier/cheaper for me than the delivery charge. I'll try and have a discussion with them at the time, and report back.



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