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Which RAM?

  Simsy 14:41 21 Aug 2010


I'm almost ready to buy what's needed for my new PC build.
I'm getting this mobo;
click here
and this CPU;
click here

I want to get 4Gig RAM and this is where I'm not 100% sure of what I'm doing, from a specification perspective...

I know I want/need 1333Hz for best matching with the above... I'm looking at 2 choices at the moment;

1 Stick of 4Gig;
click here

Or 2 sticks of 2 Gig;
click here

Given that the single stick is considerably cheaper than the set of two sticks, What is the issue? Is there a good reason why I should have the 2 sticks?

Also, what do I read into the spec regarding the memory that says the latency is C9(9-9-9-24) ? Is there something aboute the mobo/cpu combo that means I have some matching up to do regarding this?

Note that I am not a gamer, nor do I watch DVDs or video on the PC, (other than the occasional news clip), but I do a lot of photo and mess around with DTP stuff, which is why I've gone for a mobo with onboard graphics.

So, which RAM do I go for?

Thanks in anticipation,



  northumbria61 15:05 21 Aug 2010

Your MOBO supports Dual Channel Memory Architecture to a toal of 16GB - In order to enable dual channel technology you need to have Two or four identical memory modules, compatible with the technology supported by the motherboard (DDR-SDRAM, DDR2-SDRAM or DDR3-SDRAM).

On motherboards with four memory sockets, which is the most common scenario, the correct way to enable dual channel technology varies.

If you have four memory modules simply install all of them and dual channel method will be enabled.

If you have two memory modules – which is the most common situation – you have to pay attention.

Usually dual channel is enabled by skipping one memory socket. So you have to install your first memory module on socket 1 and the second memory module on socket 3, skipping (leaving empty) socket 2. Installing the first memory module on socket 2 and the second memory module on socket 4 will also work.

To make dual channel installation an easier process most of the manufacturers use the same color for sockets 1 and 3 and a different color on sockets 2 and 4

The rest of the information with pictures is here for you to see - click here

  Simsy 15:13 21 Aug 2010

That makes sense... If I understand correctly I COULD use just the single 4Gig stick, but using 2 x 2Gig sticks would be better because it will enable Dual channel memory archtiture, (which presumeably is quicker?). I'm OK with the actual installation procedure and slots...

I'm currently reading about memory timing on the same site... hopefully I can make sense of it!

Thanks for the link... I may be back!



  northumbria61 15:21 21 Aug 2010

2 x 2GB would be better to enable you to use the Dual Channel Architecture - then if you want to upgrade (add more) at a later date you could add say 2x1GB (making a total of 6GB) or another 2x2GB (making a total of 8GB) The sky's the limit !!

Good luck !

  northumbria61 15:25 21 Aug 2010

I think you have all the info you need but further info -

Because the two modules are accessed at the same time, they must be identical (same capacity, same timings and same clock rate).

So to sum up - your proposed mobo can support up to 16GB

Depending on how much RAM you require you can put -

4 x 1GB - Max 4GB
4 x 2GB - Max 8GB
2 x 2GB - Max 4GB (Using only 2 slots ie.1&3)

(For 6GB you could put 2x2GB in slots 1&3 and 2x1GB in slots 2&4)

I doubt you will need 16GB

The only thing to remember is that they must be a MATCHED PAIR.

  northumbria61 15:29 21 Aug 2010

I hope your new build goes okay for you. I like your choice of MOBO and CPU.

  northumbria61 15:44 21 Aug 2010

Simsy - Don't know what the difference is here except price (your link is to Ebuyer) It is the same speed and latency but at £73.16 - click here

  northumbria61 15:48 21 Aug 2010

simsy - I should have added that only the Manufacturers Part Number appears to differ.

  Simsy 16:00 21 Aug 2010

I'm currently digesting it all!



  Simsy 17:08 21 Aug 2010

This has been helpful!

For those of you interested I am now getting the 3 main components, mobo, CPU and RAM from LambdaTek. (I haven't used them previously myself, but have seen others recommend them previously) The clinchers were, A) Price of the mobo, which was considerably less than elsewhereand B) their "builder tool" which let me confirm compatibility.

For those of you still interested I'm getting;
click here
click here
and RAM;
click here

I like the idea of getting these three main components from the same supplier in case of any problems!

The other needed bits I've either got already or will be coming from eBuyer.

Thanks for the input and interest, from all of you. It has been of help!



  northumbria61 00:13 22 Aug 2010

That's a bit more expensive RAM although I see you have gone for lower latency. Personally I prefer Corsair.

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