Which Quiet PSU ?

  [DELETED] 11:20 25 Aug 2003

Do you have a 'quiet' PSU ?I would like some feedback on which one to get - were there any installation problems and are you pleased with the reduction in noise level.
Quietpc.com have a 300watt Ultra quiet PSU rated at 26dB(A)for £45.However Overclockers UK do a Globalwin Super Silent 22dBA 320 Watt for £58 inc.which also has fan conrol options.I'm tempted to go for the later but think the installation may be more complex???I haven't fitted a PSU before and was interested to read the links from an earlier thread "PowerSupply Promlems" .Any advise much appreciated,thanks.

  Big Elf 11:45 25 Aug 2003

I am interested in the posts to this thread as I'm looking for a 400W single fan quiet PSU to replace the one that has just fried in my desktop.

  [DELETED] 11:51 25 Aug 2003

Big Elf - Out of interest,what components do you have installed which require this much power !?

  [DELETED] 11:54 25 Aug 2003

He is just living up to his name...;-)

  Big Elf 12:03 25 Aug 2003

Pentium 2.5GHz - 62W
ATX motherboard - 40W
1GB RAM - 80W
ATI RAdeon 9000 Pro - 20-30W
2 Hard Disks - 40W
DVD - 20W
CD-RW - 25W
Floppy Drive - 5W
Firewire card - 20W
USB 2 card - 20W
3 case fans - 9W

= approximately 330W

Plus a bit for future proofing.

dadyassa - :o)

  Big Elf 12:04 25 Aug 2003

The formatting went a bit wrong as it was supposed to be a list.

  [DELETED] 21:18 25 Aug 2003

Well,doesn't anyone have a 'quiet' PSU?

  [DELETED] 21:26 25 Aug 2003

you will find in practice that the quitest are made by enermax, the 350w is genuinely silent when you turn the fan down as there is a knob on the back.

they are not cheap!

i have one, also a 550w which retails at well over £100, that is virtually silent, i believe 18dB under full load. It also has more power connectors than you would believe.

installation of any atx psu is very straightforward.

if you want more enermax details, or installation help, please get in touch.


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