Which PSU?

  dumb_haddik 16:02 18 Mar 2006

does anyone hAVe any idea which PSU i am looking to buy if i want to run a quiet desktop system. i am currently using the cheapie one that came with my case, but after reading a PCADVISOR article from a while back, it says you should refrain from doing so, as it is not unheard of for a PSU to take the rest of the computer components with it when it finally does go bang.

  dumb_haddik 16:12 18 Mar 2006

Can it be from the 350~400watts range?

  woodchip 16:53 18 Mar 2006

Not just size, It's quality. And that usualy goes along with how heavy it is. If it's heave the bige better components have been used.

One click here

click here

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  Diemmess 16:53 18 Mar 2006

Price doesn't govern the severity of the damage if it does go wrong.

Fortunately it doesn't happen often.

I've just replaced for a G/daughter a Hewlett Packard 150 watts and many years old. It only went "phut," but took the motherboard with it. Needed replacement box etc, but the HD was still OK to save its data for a larger one.

Like so many easily replaced things, the run of the mill is cheap and cheerful, the specials are always expensive.

If you really want a fancy PSU with the accent on quiet, then you have to scour the 'net and make your choice...... It is your choice in the end.

  citadel 16:57 18 Mar 2006

seasonic psu was very good and very quiet in reviews.

  woodchip 17:00 18 Mar 2006

Saying the above I have a cheapy in mt 98se comp a colorsIt 550w quiet PSU, been no problems click here

  ade.h 17:10 18 Mar 2006

I use only two brands now; Q-Technology Gold Series and Silentmaxx.

I used one of the fanless Silentmaxx models in a liquid cooled audio server for a friend's home studio a while back, and I use a Gold Series in each of my own PCs, because the very quiet but very large fan is ample replacement for second or third case fans, so both cases need only one exhaust fan. It's also cheaper than the Silentmaxx, which is a bonus.

Tagan is another well-reputed brand, but I have not (yet) used one.

  ade.h 17:11 18 Mar 2006

click here for the best source of quality PSUs and other quiet parts.

  dumb_haddik 11:43 02 Apr 2006

Tanks, i recently bought one of these click here

  ade.h 15:59 02 Apr 2006

Excellent choice.

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