which PSU?

  [dtcs] [email protected] 13:13 29 Jul 2004

lo all,

My PSU has just packed in and was just wondering if anyone could reccomend a decent (high power) one. I was looking to spend £30-£40 max. I've seen a Q-tec 550w at click here and was wondering whether this is good enough for my current system......AMD athlonXP 2600+, 512mb ram, H/D, CD/RW, DVD/RW and a radeon 9800pro 128mb.

Thanks in advance


  [dtcs] [email protected] 13:18 29 Jul 2004

sorry all....

On ebuyer it is the super flower real 420w click here.

On click here is the Q-tec 550w

Sorry again!

  Dipso 22:26 29 Jul 2004

...click here which gives you an idea of what you need.

Q-tec don't have the best rep but they are reasonably priced. I bought one recently and it has been fine.

For a better quality PSU click here but may be more than you want to pay?

  harps1h 22:42 29 Jul 2004

bought a qtech 450 psu and it is more than ample supply for a system similar to yours

  citadel 22:56 29 Jul 2004

A good quality psu is worth paying extra for, spend £70-£80 and you can have a silent psu that your computer will love.

  [dtcs] [email protected] 23:01 29 Jul 2004

Thanks i think i'll propably order the Q-tec 550w. Dipso thanks for the links but the second seems a bit expensive. Thanks again.


  carver 23:16 29 Jul 2004

If you look at the specs for the Q-Tech you will find it's not really a 550w psu, the quoted figure is the max it can supply for a very short time normally at power up, if you want a good psu go for an ANTEC psu these have a much more stable power supply which is really what makes a good PSU.

The Q-Tech I had lasted about 4 months before I found out that all the crashes were caused because it would not give a constant 12v.

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