Which programs are accessing the Ports on my PC?

  ralph-226856 16:41 15 Jan 2006

I would like to know which programs are connecting to the internet on my PC. I've seen a program called 'Active Ports' which I was thinking of using, has anyone had experience of it, and is it any good?
I'd like to know the numerical URL as well as the name of any programs trying to get online. If anyone could recommend any other similar programs I'd appreciate the info'. Cheers.

  recap 16:44 15 Jan 2006

When I saw the title of your post, the first program that came to mind was 'Active Port'

  Wak 18:13 15 Jan 2006

With Sygate Personal Firewall you can back trace URLs trying to enter your ports although most of them are untraceable.

  Bogbrain 18:24 15 Jan 2006

Try doing the SHEILDS UP test at www.g r c . com ( join the gaps where appropriate)also do the LEAK TEST on the same site, both free incidentally. If all is well ALL your ports will be or should be in 'stealth mode' and therefore ostensibly 100% 'invisible' to anyone trying to access your pc. If you find this is not the case the site will inform as to how to make this possible. Hopefully, this is what you meant in your query, if it isn't then my aplogies now.

  ralph-226856 21:49 15 Jan 2006

recap, have you tried Active Ports?

  Skyver 21:53 15 Jan 2006
  ralph-226856 21:57 15 Jan 2006

Bogbrain, I used SHIELDS UP some time ago and the tests came up clear. What I'm trying to do is understand how ports are used by different programs, and which programs are using the ports. I have used the NETSTAT command at times and that gives you some info' on whats going on, but I was looking for a program with a bit more info'. I've not tried ACTIVE PORTS yet because some reviews sugggest it might enable spyware to get into your PC.

  ralph-226856 22:00 15 Jan 2006

Wac, I use Kerio firewall at present and I like it, I don't want to change my firwall yet so I'll keep looking for something similar to ACTIVE PORTS, cheers.

  ralph-226856 22:07 15 Jan 2006

Skyver, nice little program, I've downloaded it but not had chance to look at it in detail yet, can it name the remote addresses that are listed? Thanks for the link. cheers

  VoG II 22:12 15 Jan 2006

Just surf and get on with it. Most of these 'intrusions' are merely handshaking,

  Chegs ®™ 22:37 15 Jan 2006

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