Which programme would do this

  Beas-Knees 21:39 06 Mar 2004

I work as a LGV (previousy HGV) driving instructor and one of the girls in the office has asked if there is a programme available that would help her plan her weekly schedules,At the moment she does them manually and some weeks we find that she has either double booked either one of the lorries,one of the trailers,or one of the instructors.

We have six lorries doing category C.(old style Class 2).We use the same lorries for doing category C+E(old style class 1)whereby we add a trailer of which we have three. Then there is six instructors, We doing our training in half days from 8-30 to 12-30 and then from 12-30 to 4-30. However we also have on average 18 driving tests a week which are conducted by the DSA. These last about 1 1/2 hours and the students also have a 2 hour lesson before the test.The test times are 9am 10-30am 1pm and 2-30pm which then means the lorries are unavailable for those periods and 2 hours before.as an example someone on 9am test would start at 7am and that vehicle would then not be available until 11am.That then entails putting the first lesson for that day to 11am to 3pm and then the second lesson of the day from 3pm to 7pm.If any person fails their test she tries to make sure that their retest which is normally 7-10 days later is allocated to the same vehicle and the same instructor as they normally have another 2 hour lesson just before the retest. It really does take some sorting out and any programme which would assist her and prevent her from doing any double booking would be a godsend as often it doesn't get noticed until its to late. Thanks in anticipation.

  fuzzyone 22:00 06 Mar 2004

Powerpoint would be the ideal tool for this job.

  fuzzyone 22:02 06 Mar 2004


don't know what happened there.

Too many beers last night, the program is Outlook of course.


  Belatucadrus 23:40 06 Mar 2004
  spuds 23:50 06 Mar 2004

Don't forget, that when you use or store computer data,concerning people, then you will be required to register under the Data Protection Act.click here

  woodchip 23:54 06 Mar 2004

Not if it's not personal details. Use a Spreadsheet to create a working arraignment

  spuds 00:32 07 Mar 2004

Errata: concerning people's personel details. ie- name, address etc.

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