Which Programme language to choose???

  daz246 18:35 30 Aug 2003

Im intersted in learning some form of computer programming as there is a few out there could someone give me some advice as to which to look at, either C+, Java or Visual Basic. Im new to the world of programming so which is easier to learn, most used world wide? any help would be greatly appreciated.

personally i am a fan of Delphi, its simple enough to learn the basics quickly and powerful enough to build anything. unfortunately its not the most popular language in corporate development circles so if you want a job you would be best advised to learn C# but remember that whilst languages change fairly rapidly the underlying principles remain fairly similar so it doesnt really matter where you begin as long as you learn the fundamentals of programming really well.

  jz 23:04 30 Aug 2003

Is C# really that popular? I think it's only been around for a couple of years, I'm surprised it taken off so quickly.

  Taran 00:59 31 Aug 2003

From the three you mentioned I'd suggest Java and/or C++ as your best options, although they are also the most difficult to come to grips with.

Visual Basic (or .NET as it is now) is about as easy as it gets and along with Delphi it is an excellent intoduction to programming that can help you to develop your skills and the scope of your projects.

For serious work at higher levels, good Java and C programmers are and will continue to be in very great demand.

I'd ask yourself what you think you might like to work on - front end GUI based programs, back end databases, cross platform or Microsoft only and so on.

Most local colleges offer taster sessions where you may go along, meet the tutors and try out an hour or two in an introductory environment, so I'd suggest you check out your local college to begin with, especially since they will be enrolling about now for the September courses.

Keep in mind that when I say VB is about the easiest way into programming, it still is not an easy topic to learn. Programming is more or less a language skill, so if you have an ability with languages you will potentially make a better programmer than someone who has no language skills to speak of.



  Kitz E Kat 01:24 31 Aug 2003

I Just had a go at Delphi,a bit expensive ,but nice, NO??
If you aint done nothing yet, and want to have a go at learning a progamming language, may i suggest you go to click here

Ive had a go at Visual Basic, C / C+ Java and anything i could get my hands on...

By far the best place to start is with Python..
Its 'easy', you can download the software for FREE... there are LOADS of great tutorials, there is a email service second to none, to help you with your problems, its compatible with most OS's.. Hell what more could you ask for?

Do that first then start to have a look at other programming languages, once you got the 'swing' of one you will pick up another pretty quick..

Sorry if i sound like a Python salesman, but i learned more about programming with that for FREE, than i did with expensive books and programmes,try it , and come back and tell me i was wrong, ill eat my hat,wont cost you a bean, and you will learn loads..

Do it NOW..

A Python Fan
Kitz E

  the lone cloner 15:09 31 Aug 2003

have a look at java script too.

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