Which processor is best?

  Simmpy 18:34 19 Mar 2010

I am about to buy a new PC. The new Sony Vaoi All In Ones impress. However they don't have the new i7,i5,i3 processors. Is there a big difference in speed (not using for gaming) between this latest generation of processors and for instance the E7500 Duo 2.93Ghz?

  AL47 18:48 19 Mar 2010

processor power isnt really utilised in games anyway,

yes there is a big difference,

the i7 and i5 are quad cores [dunno about i3] and also the cpu architecture, cache sizes etc combine to give a much better cpu than the dual core E

whether you will use this is dependant on what you use your computer for

i do fair few video encodes so my i7 at 3.8GHz [x4 for quad core] is probably 4x as quick as the the the E7500 you list

  sunnystaines 18:51 19 Mar 2010

look for an i7 cpu if possible, I did a self build with an i7 well impressed with it.

  PP321 18:54 19 Mar 2010

Dont be so quick to dismiss the E7500 , its a formidable processor.

  john 52 19:21 19 Mar 2010

There are some new Sony all in ones and laptops coming out as soon as next week I believe .
I do not know what the specs are ???

  john 52 19:30 19 Mar 2010

They are on the Sony website !! one is a Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8400 and the other is Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E7500 so not really what you wanted to hear

  Hudson 20:29 19 Mar 2010

Just one point - the i7 is an expensive processor, so I don't think you can expect one at that price point anyway.

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