Which processor ?

  bravedancer 16:10 29 Jan 2011

Hi everyone,
I'm getting a new laptop soon.Should I settle for i3 processor or save up for i5 or even i7?
Uses will be:
1)Betting exchanges (several tabs open and speed needed.
2)Use of bridge & chess(Arena) progs.
3)Internet browsing & listening to music at same time.
4)Light office work & music.
5)Maybe a little photo & video editing.
6)Using Google Earth.
Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to help.

  northumbria61 17:15 29 Jan 2011

Core i5 is the latest “mid-range” processor by Intel. A step up from the Core i3, i5 processors will give you a noticeable difference in speed, depending on what type of applications that you run. If you are playing solitaire, you aren’t going to be able to tell a difference between Core i3 and Core i5 processors. If you are editing multiple files in Adobe Flash, with virtualization software, you may notice the Core i5 to be snappier.

Should you buy a computer with a Core i5 processor? In most situations, a Core i5 is a safe bet. Core i5’s offer enough performance to do stuff like video editing and gaming, and more than enough performance to do basic stuff like word processing, internet surfing, and email. A Core i5 processor is a great, mid-range priced processor for people who use their computers frequently and often multi task.

  northumbria61 17:18 29 Jan 2011

Personally I would go for an i5 - unless you are a serious gamer - then it would be i7 - OR you have unlimited funds - but for what you have described as your "uses" then I think the extra outlay would probably be a waste.

That is my personal opinion of course - others may have different views.

  northumbria61 17:24 29 Jan 2011

Should have added - Be sure to take note of which specific Core i5’s are dual core vs. Core i5’s that are quad core, if you are looking to buy a specific processor.

  bravedancer 19:14 29 Jan 2011

Thanks for your advice.I'll probably save a bit more for the i5.

  skeletal 16:14 30 Jan 2011

If you spend a bit of time saving, hopefully you will get your cash ready just as the new “Sandy bridge” processors come into mainstream use:

click here|ci5ltop2_uk_codenames|em1F4D6E|s

These should be noticeably better than the current versions and, I think, would be worth the wait.


  961 16:45 30 Jan 2011

skeletal advice is worth considering

Depends how soon your laptop needs to be arriving

The new processors will be well worth waiting for but initially may be more expensive, like all new stuff

If you can wait just a few months you'll probably find them just what you need, unless you can afford the extra dosh for the latest stuff as soon as they hit the market

  AL47 18:21 30 Jan 2011

You need nothing more than an i5 at most, i7 are for heavy graphics and games or video transcode

I'd go i3 or 5, I think if I were you I'd look more at what screen u want. A decent sscreen/resolution screen with a i3 would be more useful than a i5 with a sub par screen

  bravedancer 19:59 30 Jan 2011

Thanks all , I'll hold out as long as I can.

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