Which printer should I buy to replace my Epson

  chocolate bunny 23:21 02 Oct 2007

My Epson Stylus Photo 950 seems to have a fault and is printing, or rather not printing bands, which is not solved by cleaning the heads several times.
I could buy cleaning carts then replace all seven ink carts but that is going to cost at least £80 and it might not work, so I am looking to replace the printer. It has been used extensively over the years I have had it.

I have been looking at the following possibilities:
Epson Stylus 1400 A3 printer
Epson R800

I was also looking at the HP 9180 which sounded fantastic at first but then I read all the stuff on the forum and the problems with the printers and support so I am not considering it now.

I also considered the Epson R1800 about £100 cheaper than the above, but I want it to print text as well as photos.

I thought it might be good to have an A3 printer, I like photography and as the Stylus 1400 is available for the same price as the R800 at about £200 which is £100 cheaper at least than the two above, I don't know what to do.

I prefer quality to size so if the R800 is the better quality printer I would go for it. I will pay extra for a good printer if necessary.

My current printer gets a lot of general use printing off text docs, for info usually. I have been disappointed with the photo printing from the printer with wishy washy colours but I am assuming that this is much better now. Both the 1400 and R800 seem to have good write ups.

Also considered was the R360 which has been described as virtually the same as the R800 by one personal review I read, but it has less ink tanks so could it be compared?

The other thing I am looking for is dust protection which the Stylus 1400 seems to have, but do the others? Is the back feeder fixed like my existing printer? Do you bother taking the paper out each day and closing the covers (the HP printer trays are front loading and covered, and have two sizes so you don't have to change paper which appeals very much if it wasn't for the awful stuff on the forum that I read).

Any opinions or advice would be welcome.


  DJ-Garry 23:24 02 Oct 2007

I've just got the Epson DX440 all in one from ebuyer at £45 inc VAT (click here)
It's very good and cheap to run

  scolley 23:33 02 Oct 2007

Chocolate Bunny we have just bought a Brother DCP350C which has replaced the Lexmark all in one printer we had its easy to use, and the cartridges will ony cost £5 each to replace which has four , so in total £20 which is very good value, it cost a lot less than replaceing the carts, you can get its got every thing you need i think, and only cost £59.99, argos, page 1088 order number 670/3253. it says £79.99 but its only the afore said price, plus it comes with a free 2GB flash drive, and pictBridg for your camera worth taking a look at good look,

  €dstowe 06:46 03 Oct 2007

"I thought it might be good to have an A3 printer, I like photography"

Unless you have an EXTREMELY good camera, an A3 photograph will disappoint.

  chocolate bunny 11:41 03 Oct 2007

Thanks for the advice so far people.

As it happens I have a good camera, a Canon EOS 300D

I would love to use it to it's full potential by doing large prints. Mind you I don't know what I would do with the large prints apart from decorate the walls at work, once I run out of walls here! I like taking photos of wildlife and nature as well as pets, family landmarks and crafts.

I definately don't want an all in one printer, I do want one with seperate ink tanks.

I have always had an Epson, but I am prepared to change my mind for a printer with a really good review. My son has recently switched to HP.

  FatboySlim71 13:20 03 Oct 2007

I own the HP Photosmart C3180 and its the best printer I have owned, its absolutely superb and I can highly recommend it. Below is a link for a review that I wrote on it; hope it helps.

click here

  john bunyan 13:26 03 Oct 2007

chocolate bunny. I used to swear by Epson untill my all-in one froze and could not be unblocked. I now have a Cannon MP760 and reccomend Cannon as they mostly have seperate ink tanks and print heads which could be replaced unlike Epson where they cannot. Very good photo printing, may shops use Cannon.

  chocolate bunny 14:09 03 Oct 2007

I must say one of the things that impressed me about the HP 9180 was the fact that you could replace the heads separately too, I didn't know Cannons were like that as well so I will look at the web site for info now!

It is good to hear there are good HP printers out there, and as someone on the IT review forum said only people with problems tend to post on forums so you don't hear about the maybe 80% of people who don't have a problem with the printer.
If I could replace my Epson print heads the printer could go on for a few years, even though there is better technology out there now!

One of the things I liked about both the Epson R1800 and the HP 9180 was that you could print on thick media, aimed at professional or semi pro photographers who sell their work. I can see possibilities with my craft activities there too!
They come at a high price but having said that the printer I have now cost me over £300 (£360 comes to mind) when I bought it new. What you can get for that now is amazing!

  Noels 14:49 03 Oct 2007

I have used one for over a year having up graded from an Epson 300. I print mainly photographs at A4 size. The definition and colour rendering is excellent on any weight of paper. Using original Epson cartridges they claim they will last for up to 80 yrs.Which will certainly outlast me at 72yrs old.I have seen no sign of fading from prints kept on a sunny windowsill. Which was a problem I had with prints from another make of printer. The only downside is the cost of the cartridges at about £10 each for 8. fortunately they don't all run out together.
Others might claim compatibles are of equal quality. I don't think so. When you ask the manufacturers if they can match the ALL Epson qualities they say honestly no.So you pays you money and take your choice.

  Noels 14:50 03 Oct 2007

Sorry Epson R800

  chocolate bunny 15:12 03 Oct 2007

Thanks Noel, my current cartridges cost me around that price now, so it won't be any different.

It is not a bad price either at around £200 for the R800. I never use compatibles, I did once but it messed up a previous printer completely!

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