Which printer to buy, advice please.

  mickeyfinagin 15:59 20 Aug 2008

My old epson printer is starting to give up now and I'm looking to buy a new one.
Things have moved on alot since I last purchased a printer.
The main use of my printer is for home use, its not used sometimes for days on end, mainly printining off the odd document or picture.

I mainly print black and white exel, word docs.
Kids print off all sorts of low image colour pictures and documents.
My oldest son is going to secondary school after summer so i think he will be using it alot more soon for home work ect. He will need to be printing off clear pictures, photos ect from the web ect for projects.
I do some photo image printing, I only have a 4 million pixel camera at present.

Went to Comets today to look at a few printers, liked the look of-
Cannon Pixma IP4500-£80
Epson R285- £70

The print quality of the Cannon is alot better , but the Cartridges are £17 x 5.
The Epson are £8 x 6.
There is a huge difference in price for the inks, I dont know if its worth going for the Cannon because of this, or weather the Epson will be well up to the job.

Also my wife wants a quite printer, the old epson sounds like its about to take off.

Any comments,reviews, advice ect on these printers or any other suggestions for different printers ect would be great,
Thanks as always

  mickeyfinagin 10:06 21 Aug 2008


  EARLR 10:32 21 Aug 2008

The only advice I can give is buy the one with the least expensive ink. Printer mfr.s seem to be in the business of selling ink. The printer is cheep.Add up the cost of the ink that you get with the machine and subtract that from the price of the printer. I think that you will find that sometimes buying a new printer is cheaper than buying Ink.

good luck

  woodchip 10:39 21 Aug 2008

I use Compat inks in my Epson printers, Even the last one I bought that is almost new a RX620 Multifunction. Ink
click here
or click here

  mickeyfinagin 19:28 21 Aug 2008

thanks for the replys, I have now found several sites to get the origional and copyied ink from now through other pc advisor links, so ink price not an issue now.

just need to find out about printers, always had Epson but they always seem very problamatic, nozzles blocking ( leave printer on all the time), paper feeding issues ect.
Fancy a change, to something else.
ideas please.

  mickeyfinagin 23:22 22 Aug 2008


  RobCharles1981 00:18 23 Aug 2008

Head on down to your local Tesco store and pick up the Epson DX8400 like I did was £100 down to £50 what a bargain!!

  jack 08:37 23 Aug 2008

If the machines is used to print a full colour page every couple of days.
Compat Inks are cheap as alreadypointed out and investigation into a CISS system makes it even cheaper
click here
Making a little tool like this will help clear blocked jets if they occur
[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  kjrider 09:05 23 Aug 2008

They are cheap and fast and give good results. No more buying expensive cartridges.

I bought a Xerox laser some while back, and it all works fine, with good colour as well. Have a look at click here


  Dragonfly2 10:43 23 Aug 2008

We've got a Kodak EasyShare 5300 all in one printer, copier, scanner and are delighted with it. We've also got an elderley Epson which is still working, but we all far prefer the Kodak. The ink doesn't cost much either: we get it at PC World (you have to get Kodak's own make). You've got to clean the print heads regularly, which is very easy. Good luck!

  mickeyfinagin 14:43 31 Aug 2008

thanks all for the replys.
like the look of the siss ink systems, maybe something for the future.
gone for a cannon pixima 4500 in the end, thanks to your posts the ink prices are not an issue now.
Found the printer for £60 on Amazon.

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