Which Printer To Buy???

  sheps 22:25 08 Aug 2004

I'm asking for advice for a friend, she would like to know what printer is better, A Bubblejet or a laser, she has already got a lexmark laser, but has seen a Bubblejet printer and wasn't sure if it would be better. Thanks

  Belatucadrus 23:07 08 Aug 2004

Horses for courses, if it's fast printing of text then the laser is best, photos go with the bubblejet. Without knowing exactly what is going to be printed this is a question without a definitive answer.

  sheps 23:13 08 Aug 2004

Thank you, it's gonna be mainly used for general printing, she hasn't got a digital camera, so i don't think photos will be printed, thank you

  Belatucadrus 23:28 08 Aug 2004

If she isn't going to need colour then there really is no point in a bubblejet, compared with a laser on general text it's going to be much slower and more expensive to run. I use an old HP colour inkjet for documents with colour graphics and photo printing, everything else goes through the laser.

  jonnytub 23:29 08 Aug 2004

ouch, expensive though. Although if you have the money then go for it!!!

  sheps 23:39 08 Aug 2004

What is was, she has seen a Canon bubblejet printer on offer and her lexmark has run out of ink, so she just thought well is it time for a change, she asked me and i thought it would be wise to keep the lexmark going as there is nothing wrong with, it would be cheaper to get the refils, but i said i would get some advice for her, i will forward this all on to her tomorrow, thank u all.

  Belatucadrus 13:43 09 Aug 2004

click here may be of interest, I use them for Samsung refills.

  Totally-braindead 14:35 09 Aug 2004

Before she goes off and buys anything get her to check the prices of replacement cartridges, originals and compatibles, theres no point buying a new printer if it costs an arm and a leg to run. As an example a friend of mine had a Lexmark she got bundled with her PC, for the price of 1 of the cartridges and about £10 more she got a brand new basic Epson complete with a colour and a black cartridge. Running costs have dropped dramatically as she uses compatibles from choicestationery and the quality is better than the Lexmark ever was. If your friend is only printing text then the cheapest thing to get for running costs is a laser, I've seen cheap ones at about the £80 mark and they cost next to nothing to run compared with an inkjet printer. By the way I use an Epson 680 inkjet with compatible cartridges, use about 4-6 cartridges a year, if I used originals it would probably cost about £80-120 a year to run, with compatibles it costs about £15. Printers 4 years old now and still prints beautifully.

  sheps 16:04 09 Aug 2004

Thanks for your help, i'll pass this all on to my friend. Sheps

  sheps 16:06 09 Aug 2004

Thanks for your help, i'll pass this on to my friend 2day. Sheps

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