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  fire 11:52 21 Dec 2011

hi i have an epson sx415 multifunction device. i use compatible cartridges due to the little printing and cost issue. recently my printer has stopped accepting these compatible carts. im so fed up with epson and fancy a change probably to canon but again would want to use compatible inks. can anyone suggest a good printer with cheap ink that i could switch to


  spuds 23:30 21 Dec 2011

I have a number of different make printers. The latest addition (about 12 months ago) was a Brother DCP-135C all-in-one, which is a super bit of kit. The compatibles for that LC-970 B/Y/C/M cost about 50 pence each, and seem to last for ages.

The DCP-135C as possibly been replaced by another model with a very similar chassis. Well worth a look?.

Regarding Canon, I have a Pixma, which also covers most of my needs. Cheap print cartridges are a little more dearer to obtain.

  chub_tor 09:30 22 Dec 2011

I switched from Epson to Canon a long time ago and have had excellent service from each machine that I have bought. I am currently using an MP610 which is no longer manufactured but have my eye on one of the newer wireless models such as the mg5250.

  fire 15:23 22 Dec 2011

many thanks for the information ...i think i will have a look at the kodak ...although it is dearer than most of the others...

  spuds 15:52 22 Dec 2011

You might find that the Kodak as a similar model under the Dell brand!.

  fire 14:34 23 Dec 2011

does that include the kodak hero does anybody know???

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