which printer

  fire 22:27 09 Oct 2003

i subscribe to the mag but wonder if anybody can advise on which printer is best out of epson 830, 900 or 915 i want to stick with epson due to the cheaper compatible cartridges.....thanks

  clayton 22:40 09 Oct 2003

How much do you have to spend,Canon ink is cheap too.

  Craig.m 22:49 09 Oct 2003

Normally it is a case of higher model number higher spec but as clayton says - Canon are not bad either. Got a Canon I850 and it is really good with all colours separate, they are not too expensive.

Thing is don't limit yourself to one manufacturer, look around and compare running costs if you have the time.


  byfordr 09:43 10 Oct 2003

Try click here for prices for printers.
Got a Canon 950 myself and the ink isn't too expensive, with the added advantage of being individual cartridges. click here are normally pretty cheap for offical consumables.

As Craig M says have a look around

  pj123 11:32 10 Oct 2003

Depends what you want it for, if it is for photo printing, I have seen results from the 915 and it is difficult to see the difference between them and real photo's. I have an Epson 895 (one before the 915) the only difference between the two printers is the 895 only comes with one camera card adapter, but the 915 comes with all camera card adapters. The 830 and 900 (as far as I know, do not have card adapters, but I think they all print borderless prints. All my ink is bought from Choice Stationery at click here

  Elrond 12:09 10 Oct 2003

I just got the epson 900 £99.99 down from £149.99 in Curry's/Pc World/Dixons. It is top quality and can print directly onto CD's, photo pictures are amazing, you wouldntknow it was digital. I actually read a review in a mag yesterday and they said it can do all the 915 can but for half the price.

  pj123 13:00 10 Oct 2003

Elrond, not really half the price because if you go to click here a 915 is £129 including VAT.

  Elrond 13:03 10 Oct 2003

Just quoting the magazine. I didn't actually check prices

  pj123 18:49 10 Oct 2003

Elrond, no offence meant mate. Magazines, I have just realised, don't quote "street prices" just the MRP.

  clayton 19:22 10 Oct 2003

I was in pc world last week while looking for a new printer & the epson 900 was priced @ £74 a few days later when i went back the price was £99, i wonder if anyone got it @ the cheaper price.

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