which power unit

  chippy+ 22:48 07 May 2010

hi could anyone say which power unit is best a 400 watt corsair or 400 watt ocz i have already bought
3 of the corsair which are very quite and which i like they are used on amd 3.200 processors with nividia 6200 graphics card the pc i want to change the power unit is a amd 4.200 2 core with 6.200 nividia graphics card which will be used in the living room hence low noise (silent) i know the corsair is very good but can anyone tell me is the ocz any better thanks Chippy

  northumbria61 23:06 07 May 2010

Either would be perfect to be honest, I'd go with the one that has the most or most useful connectors - the Corsair has 6 SATA - OCZ 4 SATA connectors.
Corsair a bit more expensive. Not sure which will be the quietest but I don't think there will be a lot of difference between the two models.

  chippy+ 10:57 08 May 2010

Hi northumbria61
thanks for the reply to be honest the cosair is very quiet i don't know if ocz is as quiet, as it is for the livingroom i may just stick with the corsair thanks again Chippy

  arbico 12:30 08 May 2010

Hi Chippy+

I would recommend that you consider other brands such as Seasonic or Antec or Coolermaster. These are all good brands and the power supplies tend to be reliable. If you need specific connections for the setup you have in mind that will obviously affect your decision. I would also recommend that you look at 460W to 550W PSUs a well. These higher wattage PSUs will only cost you around £10 or so extra but will allow you to add an ATI 57xx series or NVIDIA GTS 250 or 260 series card in the future if you wanted to.

Arbico Computers Limited

  arbico 12:33 08 May 2010

Hi Chippy+

Sorry forgot to mention that all the makes will I mentioned above will have similar noise outputs. You need to consider the size of the fan in the PSU. Rule of thumb is the larger the fan the quieter it will be. Most good makes will use a 120mm fan and the quieter options tend to have 135mm fans.

Arbico Computers Limited

  Sbrads 19:03 08 May 2010

Seasonic and Corsair are quiet, reliable PSUs that use 105°C capacitors which are far more reliable long-term than the usual 85° ones. Seasonic make Corsair PSUs, so just go for whatever is the best deal.

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