Which Port is USB 2.0 ??

  chriscross72 15:14 22 Nov 2005

I have an E machines E4020 which has one USB port on the front about half way down the tower, there are another two at the bottom of the tower, and more on the back of the machine.....am i correct in thinking that all of these ports will run appliances at the faster USB 2.0 or if not all of them, how can i find out which one is USB 2.0 ?
Thank you : ))

  Smiler 15:23 22 Nov 2005

More info on the machine please.

How old is it?

What operating system are you using?

If its this one:-

click here

All usb ports are usb 2.0

  chriscross72 15:33 22 Nov 2005

thanks smiler my machine is the one listed (E4020) it's 2 months old and i'm pleased with it so far....
Thanks for your help

  interzone55 15:44 22 Nov 2005

All the ports will be USB 2.

You can check this by going to Control Panel / System / Hardware and check the USB controller, it should be listed as USB 2.

  GroupFC 15:59 22 Nov 2005

I think you missed a bit ...Hardware>device manager and I don't think you will see "USB 2", but if it is USB 2 you should see the word "enhanced".

  chriscross72 17:11 22 Nov 2005

I've just checked these details....there are numerous USB listings but only one mentions 'enhanced' how can i find out which one this is...trial and error ?
these are the details as far as i can find them ...PCI bus 0, device 29, function 7..anyone an idea which port this is likely to be....
Thanks ; ))

  Skyver 17:22 22 Nov 2005

USB2 support is built in to the motherboard, the different entries are all managed by the Enhanced (USB2) Controller; all ports are USB2, just as Smiler and alan14 said.

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