Which Picture File Format should I use?

  Tinkey Winkey 20:15 15 Aug 2003

I have hundreds of family photos which I'm currently saving onto CD's.I,m saving them as TIFFs despite the large file sizes as I am lead to believe this the best format for QUALITY ? Can anyone see any difference in scanned photos saved as JPEGs or other formats because the quality looks the same to me.Presumably TIFFs record more info right ? Is TIFF the best option ?

  BBez 20:28 15 Aug 2003

although .bmp's are large they retain best quality. The next best i use for quality and file size for uploading is .jpeg/.jp

  DieSse 20:47 15 Aug 2003

Any bitmap format (and there are many) retains all the information that is in the original file. Some formats use lossless compression techniques to cut the file size down (a bit like what would happen if you zipped the file - which is another option for cutting down the file size)

Jpeg/jpg files use a "lossy" cmpression method, whch redices file sizes drastically - though the oer compression you apply, the more information is lost, and apply enough, the pictures will visually degrade)

There is no "right way" - it all depends what you want to acheive. Remember that most digital cameras now output jpg files anyway. At lowish levels of compression, you would be hard pushed to see any compression artefacts, and the file sizes will be much smaller.

However, if storage size is not a concern then there is no need to compress files at all, and you may just as well use one of the popular bitmap formats. See here for a list of all of them click here

  Simon_P 20:50 15 Aug 2003

As BBez says bitmaps .bmp offer the best quality, but take up most space.

Personaly I use jpeg .jpg small file size and qood quality. I use these for my web site.
click here there are digital and scanned photos there, if you want to look for an idea. I dont think you will see much difference visually.
Dont know much about TIFF maybe someone else will shed more light on that shortly.

  Pesala 21:05 15 Aug 2003

I had heard the same as you regarding the JPEG format, especially after repeated saving, but also could not detect any obvious differences, so I did some research resulting in the following thread (and an earlier one with more contention) click here

For home photos I would use JPG images with a standard quality setting. If your photos have sharp lines and fine detail, JPEG format is much less suitable. Text looks very bad when compressed with JPG

  Patr100 23:01 15 Aug 2003

If you are planning to rework many of your photos in a graphics program then saving the orignals as BMPs will preserve the highest quality but if you don't plan to do any semi-professional work then high quality low compression Jpegs will be fine.You won't notice nay difference in general use.It's just when you start to edit and resave jpegs that you find a gradual deterioration in quality each time it is resaved.

  Tinkey Winkey 10:13 17 Aug 2003

Thankyou everyone for your comments.The problem has been resolved and I feel reasured that I,m using the right formats.Cheers :)

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