which pc should I buy?

  Denv 22:19 13 Apr 2004

New to the world of computers I reqire some help in choosing the correct pc.
AMD Athlon or Intel P4?
I have 2 teenagers who want to store coursework etc, copy cd's and dvd's, also use as t.v.
17" lcd flat panel is also required as space is short.
I have a budget of £1,000.
Any help much appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 22:21 13 Apr 2004

click here?


  Totally-braindead 23:05 13 Apr 2004

Also try click here or have a look at the PC Advisor recommended PCs

  Gaz 25 23:06 13 Apr 2004

Yep, theres loads.

Just go with a PC that takes your fancy but ensure that you buy from a good supplier with a decent back-up service.

  Denv 12:13 15 Apr 2004

Thanks for suggestions but I really need to know things like which processer, how much hard drive, which graphics cards have tv tuners etc before searching these sites.

  TomJerry 12:25 15 Apr 2004

(1) Get one from Toy R Us for £999 click here.

This machine got eveything your sons and daughters can imagine.

(2) Aldi had a great deal just Easter, Medion PC for £749 (have everything you can imagine) and 17" TFT for £269. A lot of people in this forum bought it, I saw it in the store and like it, but did not buy it because I got a few PCs at home already.

Go to the store to check if you can order it.

  TomJerry 12:28 15 Apr 2004

Cybermaxx Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz with DVD Re-Writer and 17" TFT Monitor

  Denv 12:31 15 Apr 2004

Thanks TomJerry I'll check them out.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:05 15 Apr 2004

medion aka cybermaxx.....no need to look further. You may disregard  ÑÌÇKÑÂMË's unlearned comments.


  961 13:33 15 Apr 2004

Try Athlon xp 2500 processor with 512 mb ram
80 or 120gb hard drive
dvd writer
although you can obviously get ati graphics card with tv you may well find that for watching tv the tv set will be used

flat panel monitors are still second choice for those who want the best screen to look at. CRT monitors are half the price and give twice the performance

A system such as that you describe can be bought for much less than £1000. Don't buy an extended warranty. If it is going to go wrong it will happen within the first few months.

Consider the Dell inserts in the weekend press or look at their web site. PC World can offer reasonable value and provide a good place to go and see what is on offer and what prices are like. Mail order provides the best value but service can be patchy with some companies. This forum's consumer watch will show you the pitfalls. Most problems tend to come at the start when the machine comes out of the box or after software has been added or fiddled with. The second of these problems is generally not covered under warranty

I have just purchased a computer from Poweroid.
2x120 Gb Hds (yes 2!)
Good Motherbd (future proofed
DVD ROM drive
- for around a Grand
Great Service very happy with it.
Paid a little extra for better internal components (although you can go cheaper if you want to compromise)

click here

Is a good link. Take time to read some of the blurb on their site - it's useful even if you go for Mesh or Evesham. Dell are quite popular - but at my place of work we standardise on them and IT advised me against (but views vary).

Also worth looking in mags like PC Advisor (I'm not on comission, honest!) because this is good advice for novice types like me also >> remember that some of the reviews don't appear on the website (in the case of Poweroid the one I bought was exclusive to the mag.)

Also 0% interest for 9 months on the current Halifax Credit Card (and I don't work for them either!)

Happy hunting. Post me if you want more info.

Jinj ;0)

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