which pc to salvage

  dmm27 15:47 29 Jan 2006

I have 2 old PC's that i want to canabalise to make 1 up for the kids. One is a P2 350MHz, the other is a duron 800MHz.

I could put 256 Mb Ram in either, as they both use the same types of ram. The HDD is also interchangeable.

Which processor is going to be the faster/better one to use? it will have to do occasional office stuff as well as internet.

The Duron has onboard graphics, and the intel has separate graphics card, but i suspect it is not much to speak of by todays standards, but then the kids arent going to be playing quake cos they are only 3 and 5!


  Strawballs 15:58 29 Jan 2006

Go for the Duron will run much faster

  flyboy 16:00 29 Jan 2006


  Belatucadrus 16:02 29 Jan 2006

The AMD Duron was designed as a budget processor, but it'll be a lot faster than a 350 P2. What MOBO has it got ? It may be possible to add a graphics card to it assuming it's got a free AGP or PCI slot. It may even be possible to swipe the card from the P2 board.

  Diemmess 16:15 29 Jan 2006

I support daughter and G/sons computer which like yours is a Duron 800Mhz,
Amply fast enough for all their needs, mostly net stuff plus homework and MP3 even mid range games!
They do benefit from 512 RAM.

  dmm27 16:34 29 Jan 2006

i was kind of hoping that it might be the P2, as its the duron that is causing me problems, as posted elsewhere in the forum!

  wee eddie 16:52 29 Jan 2006

give us a link to your other problem

  [email protected] 16:58 29 Jan 2006

Is this the thread dmm27 click here

  dmm27 17:00 29 Jan 2006

links are these:
cant do teh clever html stuff!

click here

click here

click here

tried pretty much everything suggested! Seem to have got a bit further by doing clean installs and installing the unofficial 98SE service pack that was mentioned on another thread.


  dmm27 17:08 29 Jan 2006

ooh, looks like the site does the clever html links for you!

  wee eddie 17:15 29 Jan 2006

I have looked at all the threads. At no point have you given us the specification of either PC or the software (with it's version number).

I think that these details could give us a hint of your problem's source.

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