Which pc base to buy?

  *Kat440* 20:46 29 Sep 2008

Am looking to buy a new computer base and my limit is £300.

Looked at the currys and comet site and not too bad prices, as would like 2GB RAM and 320GB hard drive, can do with a bit less if need be.
The only thing that i struggle with is the processor as they list all different types and i do not know which is best.

Am not sure about the graphics card as most have on-board graphics and not sure what it means.

Many thanks in advance too anyone that can help me.

  canarieslover 20:56 29 Sep 2008

What is the computer to be used for? If it's just surfing the net,word processing and general accounts it will be OK to have on-board graphics.

  *Kat440* 21:09 29 Sep 2008

I am lookin to get a digital camera and download pics, also getting pics from e-mails and getting a copier/scanner/printer so i can do my own pics(if i can), my son plays games on the computer nothing to taskworthy and the rest is just general websurfing.

  kdt 21:42 29 Sep 2008

if you can stretch to £389 look in Aldi?

  GaT7 21:46 29 Sep 2008

The games played are important to determine what graphics card is needed - can you list these games please?

One of the best PCs at the moment for £299 is this quad-core based Dell PC from Tesco click here - out of stock at the moment, but it keeps returning.

It's got integrated graphics, which means it's poor for 3D games. But the good thing about it is that a reasonable 3D graphics card can be added for not a lot of money. Having said that, I hope your son's not into the likes of Crysis or similar! G

  *Kat440* 07:47 30 Sep 2008

my son plays just general games on the net like websites off tv programmes ie..ketix disney channel..etc, we also have a couple of pc games as well nothing to extravagant though.

  *Kat440* 07:48 30 Sep 2008

oops *jetix it should read!!

  *Kat440* 07:48 30 Sep 2008

oops *jetix it should read!!

  GaT7 19:19 30 Sep 2008

If the PC games have 2D or very low-end 3D requirements it should be OK.

Would you know how to install a graphics card if you had to? Or, know someone who could do it for you? If yes, that Tesco Dell PC would be OK, as the graphics can be upgraded right up to a 9800GT without changing the power supply (PSU). G

  *Kat440* 19:54 30 Sep 2008

Many thanks for your response,i think i will go for the dell pc and ask my friend to upgrade the graphics card if need be, will see how it goes first!

Again thanks for your help :-)

  Shuffty 20:11 30 Sep 2008

That Tesco Dell pc the dimension seem rather strange depth 17cm hieght 36cm width 7cm

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