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  Johny C 01:32 05 Apr 2003

Hi Folks

At present i have an AMD xp 1800, 256mb ddr ram, 40gb hard drive,

which operating system would be most secure! i'm currently running Windows ME

i.e. my wife is a therapist and has confidential files, at present these are not computerised. she is looking to convert to a computerised system.

she doesn't want me or the children looking at them for confidentiality reasons,

is there an operating which i can set permissions on files and foders, create each member of the family a secure log on and also limit which programs my children can access

hope there is enough information here

Many thanks


PS i am also a keen games player so i need an operating system to take this into account

  bigdamouk 01:52 05 Apr 2003

Its gotta be XP.....theres a whole host of new security features that aren't on ME, plus you have the option of logging on as different users, so that way you can restrict certain things on the PC.

  Kyomii 02:02 05 Apr 2003

If you don't want to exchange operating systems yet, you can always download third-party file secure software - there are plenty around.

As for the best operating system - up to yet I would say XP - BUT, not for every machine - it depends on spec and what the computer is used for.

  AndySD 02:22 05 Apr 2003

I have to agree with bigdamouk Windows XP will do this for you. But its best to check your pc will run it. Saying that with the specs you have posted it should be ok. click here and download and run this small free program. Tell us the mainboard and graphics card and sound and modem and we can check for you.

  Djohn 02:23 05 Apr 2003

The CPU is well up to the requirements, another 256m. of ram will prove useful, and as above, I also think XP will be the best choice.

NTFS file system for security, and stability, also restore points, just in case!

Separate user accounts with secure passwords for each user. Also it is the latest O/S and now comes with service pack1 on the disk, so is auto. installed for you.

If you can post back on this thread, with details of your other hardware, printer/scanner/CD player/writer, and graphics card/modem, then someone will advise on compatibility issues. J.

  powerless 02:40 05 Apr 2003

click here

"The Upgrade Advisor is a tool that checks your system hardware and software to see if it is ready for upgrade to Windows XP. If you run Upgrade Advisor while you are connected to the Internet, and if your system needs updates that are available on the Windows Update Web site, Upgrade Advisor will find and install the updates for you." Large Download...


click here

"Want to see if your computer is ready to run Windows XP? Take a minute to run our tests. You'll see how your computer stacks up against the minimum and recommended hardware specs. We'll also look for software that may not run properly under Windows XP."

The MS Upgrade Avisor listed 5 problems that cause XP not to run. Well it did run when XP was put onto it.

...and the pitstop test also noted a few problems but again XP ran with no problems.

In my opinion XP Pro will run very happily on your system.

You sate that you have children? Then you are a very lucky man indeed. Microsoft offer a "Educational" promotion that allows Teachers, Students or PARENTS of students (Children of all ages more or less) a huge discount on certain software, XP Pro being one of them. The Kids dont need to use it, you could class them as the "Qualifying media" if you like but they do entitle you to use the software.

There are no forms to fill in, nothing, when you pruchase the software the CD (Upgrade - your ME disk will prove your upgrade ability) is in the box and the software is EXACTLY the same as the full product that retails at around £170.00 except in one respect - it costs less than £50 INLC VAT!!

click here

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