Which online photo printing service?

  mdshamilton 10:34 27 Nov 2003

Many apologies, I can't find the thread that referred to this a few months ago.

Which online photo printing services do people prefer and why?

Sony used to have a site to do this that allowed you to crop photos online so they'd always be the standard dimensions with no white margins - but I can't find the site anymore. I ordered some photos from Blueyonder's site last night, but they don't have a cropping tool that I can find.

PCA should consider this for an review article.



  Stuartli 10:42 27 Nov 2003

I've always used pixology.com but PC Pro has just voted these three the tops - and they are cheaper than pixology.

Note, one is a German company, so it may pay to be cautious.

click here
click here
click here\digitalpix

They are given in order of merit.

  Stuartli 10:44 27 Nov 2003

You'll find mention of cropping to match the camera's image dimensions.

  mdshamilton 12:25 27 Nov 2003

Thank you very much.

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