Which one....

  ste_bla 08:12 29 May 2004

Right remember I Will not be overclocking what so ever - yes i know im boring

I have been thinking of by one of these;
P4 2.8 800fbs 512 "northwood"
P4 2.8 800fsb 1mb "prescott"

I have looked at some performance reviews (such as THG) which say northwood better at smaller tasks and presscott faster at bigger ones. However i have not found anywhere that compares the heat generated so does anywhere know anywhere?

Basically which do i choose as same price?

  Jakey boy 08:18 29 May 2004

ste_bla, I'm having the same problem choosing for my next build. Only difference is the speed, I am considering 3.0ghz or even 3.2, and don't have any info on the Prescott chips for comparison. Try a search on Google, or perhaps one of the regular experts here, will be up soon :-)

  ste_bla 08:24 29 May 2004

Within the presscotts go for the 3.0ghz as the extra money will not be worth it use spare cash on more ram/graphic card...

  Jakey boy 08:28 29 May 2004

Thanx, my thoughts exactly! Although my board can handle the 3.2, I agree with the extra RAM/graphics card option, and will probably plump for the card in the end.

  temp003 08:32 29 May 2004

click here click here but only a comparison between the Prescott 3.2GHz and Northwood 3.2GHz. The Prescott definitely draws more power.

  ste_bla 08:38 29 May 2004

From temp003 link

"There is, of course, a temperature increase in Prescott though. But where did it come from? Prescott has about three times the number of transistors as Northwood (due to pipeline increases, the addition of 64bit functionality, and (not least) a doubling of the L2 cache). Prescott is fabbed on a 90 nanometer process rather than the 130 nanometer process of Northwood, which means that Prescott will have a higher power density. "

Does this mean its a 64bit chip? So confused now..

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