Which Office suite for Win 7?

  Clapton is God 16:19 03 Jan 2011

I'm shortly due to treat myself to a brand new PC complete with Windows 7.

Will I be able to run my trusty Office 2003 on it or will I have to install the awful 2010 version?

  iscanut 16:34 03 Jan 2011

My 2003 office runs fine on Win 7 so stay with it !

  iscanut 16:35 03 Jan 2011

PS Should have said my Win 7 is 32 bit so not sure about 64 bit so perhaps a 64 bit user can respond ?

  bremner 16:36 03 Jan 2011

I would get a trial of 2010 and see what you think before making up your mind click here

  bremner 16:37 03 Jan 2011

Works fine on 64 bit

  Clapton is God 16:43 03 Jan 2011

Thanks for your reassurances.

I don't need a trial. I use 2010 in the office and HATE it!

I'll leave this thread open for a while longer to see if there are any more opinions.

  southhead 17:11 03 Jan 2011

I have Windows 7 32 bit, and MS Office 2003 works fine.

  woodchip 17:27 03 Jan 2011

Why not just load it, you will soon see if it works or not

  bremner 17:29 03 Jan 2011

It was a pre purchase query

  Simsy 18:05 03 Jan 2011

Office 2000 working OK on Win 7 64 bit, so I wouldn't have thought there would be a problem with 2003.

(there is, apparently, an issue with Outlook 2000, according to reports I read on the web before installing it for him,... but he doesn't use that so it hasn't arisen for him).

Hope that helps,

Good luck,



  chub_tor 19:12 03 Jan 2011

I upgraded from Office 2003 to 2010. Wish I hadn't bothered.

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