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  Skuby 18:10 16 Jul 2011

Hi all, I am looking to get Microsoft Office but a bit confused with the different options available. I need it for my own use using Word, Excell, Access & Powerpoint & also my daughter will be using it for her homework assignments. My problem is the vast price differences of the different options and it seems Access is only available in the proffesional version at over £300.

Does anyone know a good alternative or is this the only option.

P.S I have already got the Open Office Suite & although it is very good, there are some things it cannot do.

  Strawballs 18:32 16 Jul 2011
  AroundAgain 18:56 16 Jul 2011

Firstly, as your daughter is in school, you can get MS Office at discounted price. See Here for prices. MS Office 2010 for just under £40.00. Local superstores often sell Student versions, too.

Also, the FAQ explains who is able to have Student's Discount. It is worthwhile checking this out.

I also went to the MS website but, assuming you or your daughter doesn't have an ac.uk email address, then the MS site refers you to the above linked site.

As for which version, I would suggest you check out what they are using at the school and what programs they use. I would think Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote would be more than sufficient.

It would seem there is only the one option if you go for Student Discount from the above site, which is 2010 Home and Student. You will see it has all the 'usual' programs, ie Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher. Would you be needing additonal programs?

I think I saw you can get MS Office 2007 Student version somewhere but may I suggest you Google if you want to check that out.

Amazon also sell Student version but would appear to be more expensive than the link above.

Anyway, I hope this helps you with your decision

  AroundAgain 18:57 16 Jul 2011

PS I believe the Student versions are full versions, but you would be as well to check this out.

  chub_tor 19:25 16 Jul 2011

I agree with AroundAgain. Software4students is great value, I have purchased from there several times and they are all full versions but not boxed, just a disc in a plain wrapper.

  Woolwell 19:53 16 Jul 2011

Do you really need Access?

  Taff™ 09:03 18 Jul 2011

The link to Software4Students is the way to go. You get the full version of Office Professional Pro 2010 for just less than £40. You can order the Disks for the 32 bit version and they can take 4-5 days. For 64 bit systems you can only get it as a download.

Once you have registered an account in the name of a qualifying Student and placed your order there will be an overnight delay whilst the order is "validated". (I believe they check a certain percentage.) You need the Students name and the educational establishment - you register them on their behalf. You don`t need an .ac.uk e-mail address as before. Then either the disks are despatched OR you can then download the files.

You can also download Business Contact Manager and a couple of other freebies direct from the site when you've logged back into your account.

One tip for those who want the 64bit version which is only available as a download. The site uses a downloader which has a default location of C:Temp for the location on the Computer. Don't change it! I failed three times to save it to another location before I cottoned on and succeeded in the download. By the way for downloaded options the Activation Key is on the invoice so don`t lose it.

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