which Novatech pc ?

  JACC 17:23 22 Sep 2007

Could i have your oppinions on two pcs from Novatech please
NForcer Elite 6000 with an AMD AM2 6000 dual core cpu with a Nvidia 8800gtx card or
Executor Pro with an Intel core2 quad 6600 cpu and Nvidia 8800 gts 640mb card
i will be doubling the ram and adding a soundcard to either pc
and as usual your advice and input are sorely needed. The pc will be used for games,video,music but mainly games , that's why i'm in a stew as to which graphics and cpu.

  skidzy 17:27 22 Sep 2007

Save us searching JACC,can you post the links please.

Just by the specs you have posted,i would go for the Intel.Though gamers seem to prefer AMD.

  skidzy 17:32 22 Sep 2007
  JACC 19:06 26 Sep 2007
  SANTOS7 19:18 26 Sep 2007

click here

the range superb as they are come WITHOUT monitors and O/S so you will need to add those to your budget.

Hey skidz hows it hangin dude!!!

  skidzy 20:06 26 Sep 2007

still hanging there last i checked mate :-))
Hope all is well your end bud.

Im not a gamer and it would be biased advice for me to recommend anything suitable.
A simple Google seems to prefer AMD for the gaming,but i do wonder how many of the AMD fans have actually tried a top end Intel cpu.

Though i would guess (my preference for all round computing) would be the Intel 6600 running at 2 x 2.4GHz.
If you have money to burn,you could go quad core.

Though i should add,you get a lot for your money if you go the AMD route.

  SANTOS7 20:15 26 Sep 2007

My END is very well "ta muchly" i am inclined to aggree with skidzy, the cheaper PC may suite your budget better as you (assuming) will need to buy a monitor and new O/S as part of the package OR go with your wallet and buy the BIG STUFF......

  JACC 22:43 26 Sep 2007

skidzy and SANTOS7 , i hope you two aren't ganging up on me lol,i've been onto the forums and Novatech get a very good press so thats why i picked them.I have an AMD cpu at the moment and am pleased with it , the Intel i had was a Pentium III (geeso)some time ago i might add.It seems to be a question of wich pc because one has the better cpu and the other a better graphics card.Amd and 8800gts or Intel and 8800gtx all the other specs are similar.Novatech will install whichever o/s i am wanting and i have a new monitor lined up , is there that much difference between the gts and the gtx cards.SANTOS7 what is the BIG STUFF ?

  Totally-braindead 23:02 26 Sep 2007

This page should get you some info on the differences between the GTS and the GTX cards click here

  Totally-braindead 23:04 26 Sep 2007

See the next page as well about the GTX, actually its worth reading it all. Please bear in mind though that things move so fast with graphics cards etc it might be slightly out of date. It might.

  skidzy 23:05 26 Sep 2007

Hi Jacc

Gang up,me and OLD santos7...never !! Lol

Firstly,Novatech are an extremely good company,one of the best around in the uk.

Graphics are not my strongpoint,but i would suggest ringing Novatech as they will be happy to help and advise accordingly.

Santos refers to the big stuff as the big cpu's such as quad core if you have money to burn.

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