Which Norton Internet Security is best.

  prince midas 10:47 30 Sep 2008

THere a loads of Norton programs on there site but which of the Internet Security programs is best.
Is it Norton Internet Security 2009 or Norton 360.

  mgmcc 11:02 30 Sep 2008

Is there a particular reason why you want to *BUY* Norton software in preference to using some of the many free security programs available? Examples click here

  RobCharles1981 11:05 30 Sep 2008
  User-1229748 11:18 30 Sep 2008

there isn't many people that recommend norton but if you are going to get it i believe norton internet security 2009 is the way to go.

  Belatucadrus 12:36 30 Sep 2008

Rule of thumb with Norton if you absolutely must have it, is go for the latest product. Despite years responding to the flood of complaints with denials that there were any resource hog problems. Symantek have been forced to address the issue and have had their software on a pretty effective diet, but it's still a work in progress.

  prince midas 14:06 30 Sep 2008

I am nyself not a geat fan of Norton because of its habit of Hogging.

But my son fitted Norton 360 to a customers PC who complained about it taking 6 mins to load and straight away it loaded in 1 minute which is fast.

Also on looking at your magazine it reviews Norton PC internete security and it gives it a good review, so I thought I would seee your comments.Thanks guys.

  sunny staines 14:58 30 Sep 2008

I am one of the few that like norton go for nis 2009

  prince midas 16:15 30 Sep 2008

Thanks guys.

  tomei 21:23 16 Feb 2010

Does the Norton 360 actually clean up/out all the old registry bits and pieces or do I need to use a Registry Cleaner separately? What would you suggest as a good freebie registry cleaner please? I have used the Norton but my PC still seems to be running slow? Thanks

  birdface 21:41 16 Feb 2010

I cant see the sense in opening up a 2 year old thread.
Why don't you just open a new one.

  birdface 21:46 16 Feb 2010

You need the Norton removal tool.Just Google for it.That should remove any remnants.

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