Which new Graphics Card should I get?

  blackstorm2k 12:16 20 Jun 2006


I'm a gaming enthusiast and want to upgrade my existing graphics card. I currently have and XFX Geforce FX 5900 XT and it seems to becoming a little obselete.
I don't really want to spend much more than £150 (I think £400+ is a rediculous amount to spend on a graphics card).
I have a 550 watt 'Antec' power supply along with a P4 3.0Ghz processor so I'm guessing I'm not really restricted as to which ones will work well with my system.

Within this price range which cards do you recommend? I'm looking at the AGP 8x Geforce 6800...


  Devil Fish 12:25 20 Jun 2006

with a 5900 you are looking agp

a few here if yo can stretch your budget a bit they have a 7800 for £211 inc vat

or 6800gs for around £160 inc vat

personnaly if i could afford it i would go for the 7800

click here

  freaky 13:37 20 Jun 2006

I recently replaced an FX-5500-128MB DDR Memory. This card coped OK with Battle for Middle Earth(1) at high graphics resolution.

I then got BFME(2)and the above card would only run at Low resolution.

Replaced it with a a GeForce 6600GT with 256MB/DDR3 from Novatech for £110. The game now runs fine at high resolution.

You can get the above card at lower cost but it has only 128MB memory. Hope this is of help.

  citadel 17:51 20 Jun 2006

I have a 6800 and it plays games in high detail ok, only oblivion causes some slowdown. gainward bliss golden sample 7800gs 512 is the best agp graphics card ever, but the price may put you off

  Totally-braindead 17:58 20 Jun 2006

6600GT £89.30 click here

  blackstorm2k 15:44 12 Jul 2006

cheers guys :D

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