Which Netbook / notebook help?

  rossad 11:17 26 Mar 2010

I am looking at getting either a netbook or notebook and wonder if anyone could advise on which is best for my requirements? The important things for me is that it is able to store many photos and be able to edit in picasa + just general internet use and downloading of music, that’s pretty much it. Altho be able to run football manager 2010 would be handy.

Will a normal netbook such as the Samsung n220 or Acer ferrari one be able to handle this without being really slow etc or do you have any other recommendations?

  ame 12:14 26 Mar 2010

Wouldn't get a netbook if I were you. They are cheap because they have no dvd drive, slower cpu, poor graphics and small screen - especially if you want to run FM2010 properly. Suggest you set a budget limit for a decent 15 inch notebook and stick to it, otherwise choices and recommendations become very difficult to make!

  sunnystaines 12:51 26 Mar 2010

my choice would be MSI 160.


  rossad 14:04 26 Mar 2010

Thank you for the responses. I shall take a look at the MSI 160

  iscanut 14:13 26 Mar 2010

If you still want anetbook, and your budget can stretch to it, have a look here
click here Dont forget, you would benefit by upping the Ram to 2Gb

  sunnystaines 14:56 26 Mar 2010

i agree with iscanut get the store to upgrade it to 2gb of RAM, the recent models have the intel atom N450 CPU make sure you get one of those for decent graphics.

also check the battery has 6 cells not 3 cells.

also consider a sd card to use with readyboost to help improve speed.

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