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  1936 19:38 03 Dec 2004

I would like to use a Broadband service. The problem is that suppliers make is as difficult as possible to make a fair comparison.
Currently I have a BT Together Option 3 package which gives me unlimited local telephone and Web use although obviously I can only use one at a time. I would like to use Broadband and would be happy to dump BT because I feel that they have exploited their customer loyalty for to long.
My wife uses the telephone a lot to keep in contact with our children and I use the Web and E-Mail facility for at least four hours a day.
Could anyone please make a recommendation covering the following:
1. A rather high use of local telephone.
2. Up to hour’s use of a computer on line surfing the web and sending E-Mails.

  mattyc_92 19:48 03 Dec 2004

Use AOL, you can use the phone, unlimated downloading credit and you can be on-line "AnyTime". I am using the "Gold" option.... It is 10 times faster than dial-up and their "support" is the best. You can phone them (using their freephone number), e-mail them and "Chat" to a "AOL Pro" online.... All for just £24.99 a month... NOTE: BT broadbrand doesn't give you the "unlimated downloading credit"...

  mattyc_92 19:48 03 Dec 2004

Oh, ya.... and there AREN'T NO HIDDEN CHARGES

  1936 23:14 03 Dec 2004

Im not impressed with many of the criticisms that I read of AOL.

  bukkaz 23:32 03 Dec 2004

AOL are one of the largest companies so you probably will read more criticisms. I know a number of people who have been with AOL 2,3and 4 years so they must be happy. I've heard constant moaning about Tiscali but I've been with them 4 years and been very happy but I probably wouldn't have been with them if I was starting now and took notice of some of the comments.
I think sometimes some(not all) people like to denigrate the popular ones and try to make out they are smart and "in the know" by using lesser known firms themselves and thinking they are one step ahead.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:33 03 Dec 2004

There is no answer....apart from cable, all landline BB in the UK is channelled through BT.

The ONLY way to find a reliable service is to ask your neighbours what they think of their BB. If you are not online gaming or downloading huge files you will find the browsing speed betwixt 128k BB and 1MB BB is negligible. I use 512k and 2MB...there is little difference in browsing speed and both play BBC radio equally well.

You may care to have a butcher's at click here They are offering free evening and weekend phone calls to ANY UK landline for a year and their BB is very good (I've just installed their package on 4 lines). For £19.99/month they are pimping 512k, free connection, free modem and free phone landline. Takes about 7 days to get the bits. If your wife jaws like a good'un it will save you buckets o'cash


  1936 00:04 04 Dec 2004

When I fist read statistics I read. "What ever exists must exist in some quantity." In other words someone somewhere must have the answer to my question but perhaps I need to be more precise.

Currently I have a BT Together Option 3 package which allows me unlimited local telephone calls and unlimited use of the Web. I would like to use a Broadband supplier that offers me the same sort of service.

The only reason that I am still with BT is because I, like many others, am a creature of habit but I think that they are taking advantage of mine, and other customers loyalty.

Now for the criteria which determines my need.
I am deaf but my wife uses the telephone a lot to keep in contact with our children.

As a newcomer to this technology I use the web a lot to look for information on any manner of interests such as Digital Cameras, Colour Printers, GPS and Computers. I also send a lot of E-Mails so I am on the Web for at least three hours a day but I do not send or receive large files.

I recognise that the following factors are important.
Not wanting to be tied to a long contract.
Wanting a reliable service.
Wanting a free help line.
A speed of about 512 unless someone tells me that is not enough.
Wanting a cost effective service. In other words to not be ripped off.
There may be other factors you may wish to put in but I bet that the ones I have mentioned are those that most Broadband users want.

I would like to use a Broadband service. The problem is that supplier’s make is as difficult as possible to make a fair comparison.

  1936 20:13 05 Dec 2004

I finally got into the Which Web page where I found the following recommendations based on a customer satisfaction survey so it may not be scientific and I hope that I understood it.
They gave the following as “best buys”. It is interesting to note that no BT services were mentioned. It is even more interesting to note that I have never heard of any of them but then I have lead a sheltered life. To me it looks like Pipex Solo 500 is the front runner. That is unless anyone violently disagrees.

Blueyonder (Telewest) Broadband 750K

Demon Express Total

Pipex Solo 500 Lite

Pipex Solo 500

Pipex Home Office 500

PlusNet Broadband Home

PlusNet Broadband Home Starter Pack [512k]

PlusNet Broadband Home [512k

PlusNet Broadband Home Premier [Monthly contract]

PlusNet Broadband Home Premier [Annual contract]

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