Which monitor? Flat-bed or CRT???

  lloydsj 20:52 28 Feb 2003

Hi there,

Basically all I need is some advice...

I am just about to buy a new PC, and I'm not sure whether to get a flat-bed monitor or a normal CRT?

Size wise im after a 17' min, 21' max. probably go for something in the middle.

Someone told me that flat-bed dont give as much flexibility as CRT and are not that good for gamers as they dont refresh as quick. Is this true?

I am going to be using my monitor for everything... games, programming, watching dvd's etc.

1 thing to point out here is that both space and money are not really factors in my choice (unless the monitor you recommend is top wack and a total rip off). I've got space for a CRT, and ive got money to buy whatever. I just want a good monitor for my money (without going stupidly expensive). So i just want something thats really good and is going to last me.

Any advice or recommendations, would be great.


  Pinball Wizard 21:07 28 Feb 2003

This one looks great value for money click here

That would leave you a bit for a decent AGP graphcs card too.

TFT flatpanels are not so responsive for games.

  BrianW 21:28 28 Feb 2003

I use a 17 inch TFT - but, if you have the space, go for a 19 inch - 21 inch CRT flatscreen. You will get all you want at a better price!

  Sketch 21:39 28 Feb 2003

... I actually just bought a brand new TFT LCD display, after using a CRT for about 6 years.

The difference it makes is astounding. My monitor is a 15" Iiyama and it has made my games and DVD's look amazing. I manage to achieve the 17" look by applying the native resolution of 1024*768. Rather than the old 800*600 on my CRT.

The reason I bought a 15" is ultimately the fact that they are the most affordable of the size range.

Steer clear of the ones with inbuilt speakers as these are nothing more than a novelty and are only powerful enough for the most basic Windows 'noises'. Which is understandable when you realise that most TFT LCD displays are as thin as paper these days, so where is the audio power going to come from?!!


  Sketch 21:41 28 Feb 2003

...as for the refresh rate, they are just as capable as CRT displays but you may wish to set the rate rather than using 'optimal' which will adjust the rate according to demand....and therefore, flicker.


  tartanterror 22:07 28 Feb 2003

if u go for a tft get a 17" there only £30 or so dearer than a 15"
personally i have a ctx pr960f 19" very happy with it.

  DieSse 22:12 28 Feb 2003

CRT every time, if you have the room. You save a decent amount of money, you get good pictures at any resolution (something most TFTs struggle with), and you're guaranteed a fast response time (unlike TFTs, where you must choose one with a fast response time for games) - and best of all - no dead pixels!

  handful 22:23 28 Feb 2003

I had the same dilemma a couple of months ago. Took the plunge and went for a 17" TFT (NEC) no regrets at all...well pleased with the performance. Having said that, I have never had a really decent 19"+ CRT which I believe is even better. I do like being being able to keep some distance between my eyes and the screen though which would not be possible with a CRT.

  tran1 22:24 28 Feb 2003

I would choose a 19' CRT as CRT gives mucg better/clearer quality that TFT's. Important if you regulartly play games and watch movies.

Personally, I would only opt for TFT if the PC is on show (eg Sitting room) and of course, if there is limited space.

  accord 23:22 28 Feb 2003


damn good choice with the iiyama 15" TFT, i have had mine for about 3 months and its out of this world. worked straight out of the box and no dead pixels, saved loads of desk space aswell, all for £230 from click here

  A Pound of Sausages 23:41 28 Feb 2003

Go for TFT.

CRT is old technology and you'll have a hard job getting shut of it in the future if ever you wish to upgrade again.

Games work fine on TFT. They may have been a bit sweaty a few years ago but not now.

Pay the extra for TFT now and you won't regret it. Connect it via DVI and it's stunning - it wipes the floor with ANY CRT.

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