Which mic. and mic. socket do I use

  PollyPickle 16:48 28 Apr 2010

I have downloaded Skype on to my Mesh Elite D820 desktop PC. The Belnea monitor has built-in speakers, but I don't know what type of microphone to buy, or where to plug it in.
There is a pink colour-coded jack socket on the back of the CPU and two sockets on the front colour-coded pink and green respectively. (The speakers work fine).
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  ame 17:03 28 Apr 2010

Any standard pc microphone that plugs into the pink socket on rear or front.

  ame 17:06 28 Apr 2010

e.g. click here

  onthelimit 20:41 28 Apr 2010

If you're intending to webcam, most cameras have a built-in micro and just plug into a USB port

  Terry Brown 20:00 29 Apr 2010

If you are going to use Skype a lot , then get a skype phone, they are a lot easier.

click here

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