Which memory would be a best match?

  mrwoowoo 02:34 03 Mar 2015

I bought a pre built PC which came with one 8GB stick of Kingston ram installed. At present I have a 4gb stick of a different brand installed with it, but would like to change it for a better matched stick to make 2 x 8GB. I'm not sure what cl ram I need. Here is a shot of CPU-Z that shows the Kingston ram on the right, and total ram on the left. Where can I find a near match online?

My ram

  SparkyJack 08:13 03 Mar 2015

Download the 'Crucial' memory match app. Into the machine that needs the memory

This will examine the machine and give the answer you seek.

  alanrwood 08:27 03 Mar 2015

Unless you are using very memory intensive programs you will be unlikely to see any difference in performance between 12GB and 16GB. Save your money!!!

  wee eddie 09:43 03 Mar 2015

Kingston have their own Search method. Here

  mrwoowoo 15:30 03 Mar 2015

I already did the Crucial scan, and Kingston search, but they both just give upgrades specific to the motherboard. Both offer CL 9,10,and 11. So I still need to know if any one can tell by my CPU-Z screen shot what CL rating my Kingston stick is so I can buy just one stick to go with it.

  Bris 22:05 03 Mar 2015

Your current CL rating is 9.

Frequency is 666.1 Mhz which equates to DDR3-1333 = PC3-10600 derived from 666 x 2 x 8 = 10656.

A JEDEC#6 rating of 800 Mhz equates to PC3-12800 which is the maximum memory rating if your motherboard supports it.

Its best to try to match your new memory with what you have at he moment i.e. PC3-10600 (which should have a CL rating of 9). As your memory is Kingston its advisable to keep to the same manufacturer.

As alanrwood said, you are very unlikely to notice any improvement going from 12GB to 16GB unless you are video rendering or using virtual machines.

Hope this helps.

  mrwoowoo 00:07 04 Mar 2015

Thanks Bris, exactly the answer I wanted. As for little improvement I take your point. But. I have 2 different pairs, manufacturer wise, and size wise, as it only came with the Kingston stick unbeknown to me. I have googled a bit, and lots of posters say that with 2 different size modules it will only run in dual channen mode. Not sure if that's true as I have had no problems doing this in the past. Also CPU-Z says dual channel so I take it it's running in that mode. Also Battlefield 4 requires at least 8GB of ram , and as my son want's my other stick due to incompatabilty with his new board I thought it's time to upgrade.

  mrwoowoo 00:57 04 Mar 2015

The ram is running at 666.1MHz as the 1333 stick is forcing the Kingston 800.0MHz PC3-12800 ram to run at the slower speed. In light of the Kingston stick being PC3-12800 do you still think that the image on the left still suggests it's CL9?

  Bris 17:18 04 Mar 2015

As far as I know CL9 refers to the CAS latency. As the speed is increased the CAS latency is increased to maintain stability so you will probably find that PC3-12800 sticks have a CAS latency of 11 ( have not checked).

You can run PC3-12800 with a CAS latency of 9 but you are then into overclocking territory - best avoided if you want to maintain stability.

Its always better to buy modules in matched pairs and install each pair in alternate (same coloured slots), also bear in mind that if you mix modules of differing speeds then it will run at the slowest.

Some info here.

  Bris 17:24 04 Mar 2015

Sorry - just noticed the second paragraph could be misinterpreted so trying again.

If you are running PC3-12800 at the rated speed of 800 Mhz you will probably notice that the CAS latency is 11. You can try running it at 9 but at the expense of stability.

  mrwoowoo 19:23 04 Mar 2015

Thanks Bris. Very helpful indeed.

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