which memory for MSI 6585 mobo

  morris948 19:59 05 Oct 2004

I recently purchased a 1Gbyte DDR PC2700 memory module to upgrade my two DDR PC2100 256 Mbyte sticks in my MSI 6585 mobo (SiS 648 chipset )

But the memory was dead, i contacted the vendor and emailed the mobo manual page which confirms the memory type and got an answer that i should have purchased double inline memory as he has supplied single inline memory.

Well, what i got looks exactly the same type as the memory i already have! a single row of chips on the stick on one side only.

What is 'double inline' memory versus single inline memory? or was i fobbed off!

According to my mobo manual, the memory i require is:- 184 pin unbuffered DDR DIMM supports up to 3 Gbyte memory size without ECC (what ever that is!)
supports DDR200 / 266 / 333 Mhz and up.

I thought that is what i bought but it didnt work, any ideas?

  john-232317 20:10 05 Oct 2004

Try on this link..

click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:32 05 Oct 2004

Crucial is the best place to go to get memory. Top quality, top service and guaranteed compatibility.

  Rayuk 20:54 05 Oct 2004

Do you mean single sided as opposed to double sided,as single inline memory [ie simms wouldnt fit your motherboad memory slots]as you require double inline memory[dimms]

If you have 3 memory slots and it is capable of 3Gb that means 512Mb per side maximum.

  morris948 21:04 05 Oct 2004

Yes. i have 3 slots that can take 1Gb sticks, are you saying that there are 2 types? some with single rows of chips on one side and some with the chips on both sides of the stick?

Is this what is meant by double sided 1 Gb ?

  morris948 21:19 05 Oct 2004

Now i am confused.
A 184 pin DIMM memory that i have installed currently (2 slots with 256 Mb )has a single row of chips on one side only .

is that a SIMM or a DIMM???

  john-232317 07:46 06 Oct 2004

Use the system scanner on the link i gave you....

  morris948 10:36 06 Oct 2004

Thanks for the link,
This does indeed tell me which memory i need, its quite expensive to buy from crucial, thats why i was trying to find out more about the memory, most sites (Ebay /Amazon) are offering 1Gb sticks around £90.
From the descriptions they give, it seems that it fits my requirments, but obviously not!! there is more to memory than meets the eye.

But... Can anyone answer the question about double sided memory chips and single sided, this is never mentioned in adverts for memory.

  Rayuk 17:34 06 Oct 2004

Each memory slot on a motherboard is actually 2 banks of memory ie both sides of the memory module.
You have to see what the maximum memory your motherboard can take and how many memory slots there are.
So 3Gb is your maximum and you have three slots which have 2 banks each=6 memory banks.
Divide your maximum memory by this number and you have the maximum you can have on each side of the memory modules.ie 512Kb.
You have a stick with 1024Mb on 1 side which your motherboard cannot handle,sometimes they will recognise 512Mb but not always.
Sorry if this is as clear as mud?

  morris948 20:19 06 Oct 2004

Thank you Rayuk for this explanantion, it makes perfect sense.
Now, to prevent confusion what is the name of the memory i should purchase with this configuration.
eg: double sided 1Gb DIMM ?

It makes you wonder why manufacturers cant make things clear in this area, then we wouldn't keep sending back memory that doesn't work! even when we read the spec correctly on the Mobo manuals.

Thanks again.

  Rayuk 17:25 07 Oct 2004

You want a 1Gb double sided PC2700.
Also when you do get it put the 1Gb module in slot 1 and move other to slot3.
Without going into it in detail its always best to have the biggest amount in slot1.

Crucial may be more expensive but you get the correct memory and a good guarantee and return without problems.

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