Which memory? Conflicting advice.

  gengiscant 20:35 25 Nov 2008

I have a pc which I have re-installed xp etc etc.
But it could do with more memory,so I ran Crucial scanner and it recommended DDR PC2700.
SIW,the software that gives a detailed report of the pc's hardware says its PC2100,whilst this seller on ebay says it will take PC3200.click here

Anyway the PC in question is an Emachines 570 witha mobo;Trigem Imperial (intel i845G revision A1).

Normally I would rely on the Crucial scanner hasn't failed me yet,but?????.

  Procrastinus 20:38 25 Nov 2008

Trust Crucial - it has not let me down.

  jakimo 20:59 25 Nov 2008

Run the crucial scan again ,it usualy gives you options of what memory is compatible with your MB.both ebay seller & crucial could be right,you need to do a bit of homework

  Fingees 21:09 25 Nov 2008

I always uee crucial.

In the unlikely event it doesn't work, they give a lifetime warranty, and full refund.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:10 25 Nov 2008

184-pin 2.5V DIMM 200/266Mhz Non-ecc unbufferered DDR sdram.

  DieSse 22:32 25 Nov 2008

Memory supply sites seem to normally recommend PC2700 for this board. It may run PC3200, it may not, or it may run it but unreliably.

IMO you should also not mix RAM speeds - once again it may work, or it may give odd intermittent errors.

The Board takes up to 2GB with 2 slots. I would personally get 2 new 512MB or two new 1GB sticks of PC2700.

Sell your old RAM or keep it for emergencies.

WinXP runs absolutely fine with 1GB total RAM - there's really no need to go to 2GB.

Always buy Grade1 RAM - branded and a known brand. That on your link is unspecified, which very probably means Grade3.

Kingston is my favourite brand - but Crucial and others are fine too.

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