Which Linux?

  charliep 12:00 30 Mar 2007

I'm seriously thinking of having a Linux Live CD setup but can't decide which version, there seems to be that many. Any suggestions?

  silverous 12:07 30 Mar 2007

If you don't know the answer then I'd suggest "any, doesn't matter". Not meaning to be rude in that suggestion, just literally that if you are getting into Linux then just go with one and try it out.

  stylehurst 15:29 30 Mar 2007

I've tried various versions, & have come to the conclusion that it depends what you want to use a particular version for.
If you just want to play to see what Linux is like then I would suggest PCLinux; if you want it as a means of getting at a failed Windows system to rescue data then I would strongly reccomend Knoppix

  Aspman 15:52 30 Mar 2007

Ubuntu is popular

  SANTOS7 17:38 30 Mar 2007

click here

If i where to consider Linux it would be Ubuntu, it seems to be the most user friendly and does exactly what it says it will do,good luck..

  woodchip 21:41 30 Mar 2007

You can try as many as you want, it will not affect your hard drive or files

  charliep 19:08 04 Apr 2007

Thanks for all the advice guys. I tried Knoppix but it wouildn't boot. Seemed to take ages going through all the setups & checks and then the message "Failed to load AGP modules" then black screen. I'll try another one.

  woodchip 19:29 04 Apr 2007

Try ubunto

  smy13 20:08 04 Apr 2007

I've being using Puppy it works great from a cd

  HighTower 22:55 04 Apr 2007

I had it on my laptop for a while and loved it - but it can be a hassle getting your wireless network card working!

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